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Shoot me too, says wife

28/01/2009 22:36 - (SA)

Sonja van Buul, Beeld

Walkerville - "Shoot me too, that's OK. You've murdered my husband and I can't live without him."

These were the words of Jeanette Greig, 64, to the robbers that had shot her husband, David, 65, only minutes before on Friday night.

"They threatened to kill me after David had closed his eyes for the last time," she said.

"I no longer cared, because they had taken my loving, funny and generous partner from me."

David, an immigrant from Wales who came to South Africa in 1967, died in exactly the same spot where his seventy-two-year-old mother, Hannah, was shot by robbers in 1996.

'Don't be scared'

Jeanette said she woke up when her husband rubbed her shoulder and told her not to be scared.

"The armed man at the foot of our bed demanded that I unlock the kitchen door for his two companions," she said on Wednesday.

She went to the kitchen while the men outside held up her husband with another firearm through the bedroom window.

"David must have got away, because suddenly he was there with us. Several shots rang out, from inside and outside the house, during a struggle for the gun," she said.

Jeanette said the murderer watched coldly as her husband sank to the ground, before shooting him yet again in cold blood.

She was badly assaulted and stabbed with a blunt knife after the other men also gained access to the house.

Fled with just R1 200

A hard knock against the head burst her eardrum and has caused permanent hearing loss.

"I knew David was dead, but I wasn't allowed to go to him," she said.

Forty-five minutes later the men fled with only R1 200. Jeanette went to ask some farmworkers to call for help.

His son, David jnr said: "My father would not have wanted to be regarded as just another murdered farmer.

"I think it would be his wish that his cruel death should spur on the farming community to actively join the police in fighting this crime."

"Despite my grandmother's murder and the high crime rate, he never spoke of leaving South Africa. He believed in this country."

- Beeld


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