Sunday, 2 August 2009

Afrikaners targetted in pogrom

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From: CensorbugbearReports (Adriana Stuijt)

15,000 defenceless families were attacked by armed robber-gangs inside their homes in South Africa in 2008.

That does not include the armed attacks targetting them in public: on the streets, in the shops, on the farms and inside businesses. And the vast majority of these victims were 'whites'.

Also, one-third of the 3-m Afrikaners have been chased off their land. homes and jobs in South Africa over the past ten years due to the ANC-government's anti-white laws.

The Afrikaners also kept the machinery of the country running smoothly, and when they were kicked off their farms, their jobs and their homes, many essential services are now collapsing: the electricity networks, the mines, the medical services, the schools. And more than 3-million black people lost their jobs when their Afrikaner-employers lost their livelihood.

For details on how unsafe South Africa has become as a result of this near-sighted anti-white employment policy by the ANC, read The only people who have benefited are the 5% ANC-elite who have grown so rich that they are now being referred to as the 'black diamonds', while their fellow blacks are languishing in dreadful poverty, disease and misery.

Never have so many people lived in dismal shanty towns in South Africa as are now: more than 50% of the entire population is unemployed and homeless now.

Source: Adriana Stuijt

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