Sunday, 2 August 2009

Motiveless murders of Afrikaners probed by Police Minister

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From: CensorbugbearReports (Adriana Stuijt)

South African Police minister Nathi Mthethwa 's spokesman told Beeld newspaper on July 26 2009 that he was investigating the 'great many motiveless murders of residents in the Greater Pretoria area.

Of course he forgot to mention that the targets for these senseless murders always are Afrikaner whites. And it's been going on for the past ten years - see the archives at and

I really must congratulate Minister Mthethwa for having the courage to finally speak up about these deeply mysterious murders. His spokesman Hangwani Mulaudzi said "This is a serious problem. Why are people being murdered without anything being robbed? The minister is investigating this matter.'

He's also launched a crime-sweep called Operation Washa Tsotsi to try and tackle the crime epidemic in time for the FIFA World Cup 2010.

So is this ongoing pogrom of the Afrikaner nation going to end now? Will the Afrikaner nation be saved by the WC2010?

Or will these 'motiveless murders' just pick up again after all the WC2010 tourists have left, and the international sports journalists take their cameras away again? For two weeks, the attention of the world will be on South Africa during the FIFA World Cup football tournaments - and one can also see that many streets are being swept clean of 'street children' , homeless people and shanties to create a Potemkin-Village atmosphere to make South Africa look good in the glare of the international news media...

Will the World Cup help stop this ongoing pogrom of the Afrikaners - this very visible minority of three-million people, who are also being barred from accessing most of the job-market because of the ANC's new laws - which are identical to the eugenics-laws passed by the Nazis to eliminate the Jews of Europe.

The world''s top genocide expert Dr Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch already started warning from 2002 that the Afrikaner/Boers were targetted by a 'silent genocide'. He wrote this after analysing police forensic videos of such genocidal attacks on South African farms, and reviewing the available statistical information. He also stated this in an interview by SA journalist Susan Puren of Carte Blanche Tv, in her hard-hitting series about the South African farm murders, " A Bloody Harvest '.

Source: Adriana Stuijt

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