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‘Goodbye my beautiful white baby’... and shot her

Please post your support and prayers for Kerryn Roodt

“Kerryn Roodt was robbed and shot while on a week’s holiday down at the coast,” writes her friend Mariette Van Antwerp on : http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=139969403143&ref=nf"#/group.php?gid=139969403143

”Kerryn and her boyfriend came down to the South Coast for a week to have fun and enjoy a week’s holiday,” writes Mrs Van Antwerp, who is from Amanzimtoti, Kwa-Zulu.

“They were busy packing when four young men aged between 14 to 17 years climbed over the wall and held them at gunpoint.

“They robbed everything they had with them even took their shoes they had on. The attackers told Kerryn they are going to rape her and then “when they are finished with her they are going to rape her boyfriend as well”.

They told him not to look while they are busy raping her as they are going to shoot him if he did.
They started licking and kissing her all over her body – but something alarmed them and they went outside as they walked out one said don't shoot, its going to make a noise.
But two came back kissed her again and said : “Goodbye my beautiful young white baby” and shot her. They fired a shot at her boyfriend as well but they missed him. Kerryn now is paralysed and needs all the prayer and support she can get… http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=139969403143&ref=nf"#/group.php?gid=139969403143

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The Elim Mission Massacre: Lest We Forget

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana

We received an exceptionally poignant response to the earlier posting on the Hanyani Disaster. I felt it befitting to share this response with a larger audience. At the same time, I want to draw your attention to the Elim Mission Massacre, which took place in Rhodesia in June 1978. You might ask what relevance any of this has. It goes to show the inherent capacity black Africa has to commit the most barbaric acts of violence against whites. This is the type of fate waiting to befall many South Africans.

We would do very well to NEVER forget the treachery and barbarism we have lived with for over three hundred years, and the extremely thin veneer of civility that covers it.

To quote a well known verse from Laurence Binyons poem "The Fallen":

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

And that is our duty. To remember them. All of them.

From the frontier farmer killed by the Xhosa in 1700 to Piet Retief to those killed in the Church Street Bombing to the farmer and his wife who were killed last night. Every drop of our nations blood that has been spilled by these stone-age savages will be remembered.


Our benevolence and kindness is turning into mourning. When it is finished; when the white man has no more tears to shed; when he has no more good to give; when all his goodness and kindness has been stripped from him; when he has nothing left but hate; there will be a recompense; blood for blood, tear for tear, blow for blow, bruise for bruise, cut for cut.

We will remember...

We will repay...

Be warned, the following article is graphic, heart wrenching and achingly similar to the atrocities being meted out on our people everyday, 31 years later. Do not proceed further if you cannot stomach the truth.

On the night of June 23, 1978, Elim Mission in the Rhodesian Eastern Highlands was subjected to the worst massacre of missionaries yet experienced. Terry Blocksidge reported in the Sunday Mail (Salisbury).

Eight British missionaries and four young children - including a three-week-old baby - were bayoneted to death by terrorists on Rhodesia’s Eastern border on Friday night in the worst massacre of whites since the six-year-old war began.

Three of the missionaries were men and the others women.

A sixth woman was stabbed and beaten and left for dead. She staggered 300 m into the freezing Vumba bush to spend the night before being found semi-conscious by security forces yesterday. Despite intensive care in a Salisbury hospital she subsequently died.

The gruesome murders, by a group of eight to 10 terrorists, happened at Emmanuel Mission School - 15 km south-east of Umtali and 8 km from the Mozambique border - once used as the Eagle boarding school.

The dead, who belonged to the Elim Pentecostal Church, were:

* Mr. Peter McCann (30), his wife, Sandra (also 30), son Phillip (6) and daughter Joy (5).

* The Rev. Phillip Evans (29), his wife, Suzan (35), and their daughter Rebecca (4).

* Mr. Roy Lynn (37), his wife, Joyce (36), and their daughter Pamela Grace. She would have been three weeks old yesterday.

* Catherine Picken (55) and Elizabeth Wendy Hamilton- White (37).

* Miss Mary Fisher (28).

Most of the women had been sexually assaulted, and one mutilated.

The children had been dragged from their beds. Two children were in yellow pyjamas, one with a red dressing gown, and a third in a flowery nightdress.

One child had her tiny thumbs clenched in her palms.

Even hardened security men were stunned by the bloody scene and stood around silently. “The quiet is uncanny”, said one.

Mr. Brian Chapman, director of the Church in Rhodesia and South Africa, visited the scene yesterday. He said: “We saw no humanity here.”

The massacre began shortly before 8.30 p.m. when the white families were forced by the terrorists from their homes and classrooms, and marched to a playing field.

Near the sports pavilion, about 400 m from the main school, they were split into groups, then beaten with lengths of wood and logs, and stabbed.

When security forces reached the scene yesterday, the full horror on the cold, mist-and-rain shrouded Vumba mountainside confronted them:

A mother, beaten to death, lay with her young baby. The baby had also been savagely beaten.

Their arms stretched out to each other, their hands resting an inch apart. The child’s hand was clenched.

The mother had a hand squeezed tightly around her engagement ring, turned into her palm, as she reached for her baby in her dying moments.

Nearby, another woman had died from an axe-wound - the weapon still protruded from her shoulder and two men, one with his hands tied behind his back, lay beaten and slashed to death.

A blood-soaked chunk of wood had been dropped near to them.

Three children lay in a pitiful huddle, with two women’s bodies next to them.

Some had raised their arms to defend themselves from the brutal blows.

The reactions of the media in general were predictable, with many newspapers being singularly outspoken. The Citizen of South Africa had this to say on June 26:

Non-violence in many ways is being practised by the Patriotic Front. I asked one of their commanders, Tongogara, what they actually do in Rhodesia, and he said they’re not doing much fighting, except when they are fired upon, or when the Rhodesian defence forces find them and try to run them out.

“Basically what they are doing is moving around the villages and conducting political seminars and singing songs.”

So says Mr. Andrew Young, United States Ambassador to the United Nations, in a recent interview with the London Times.

This weekend, in the worst atrocity committed against white civilians in the history of Rhodesia’s six-year war, terrorists of Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe National Liberation Army hacked and battered to death almost the entire white staff and their families at the Elim Pentacostal Mission in the Eastern border mountains.

Mr. Young is asked: “Does Mr. Mugabe strike you as a violent man?”

He replies: “Not at all, he’s a very gentle man. In fact, one of the ironies of the whole struggle is that I can’t imagine Joshua Nkomo, or Robert Mugabe, ever pulling the trigger on a gun to kill anyone. I doubt that they ever have…. The violent people are Smith’s people and hopefully they won’t be around for the new Zimbabwe.”

This weekend, when local and international journalists arrived at the scene of the massacre 15 km from Umtali and less than 7 km from the Mozambique border, the mutilated and blood-stained bodies of three men, four women and five children - including a three-week-old baby - were lying as they had been found that morning.

Mr. Young is asked how he gets on with Mr. Mugabe.

He replies: “I find that I am fascinated by his intelligence, by his dedication. The only thing that frustrates me about Robert Mugabe is that he is so damned incorruptible…. The problem is he was educated by the Jesuits, and when you get the combination of a Jesuit and a Marxist kind of philosophy merging in one person, you’ve got a hell of a guy to deal with.”

This weekend, one of the newspapermen who flew to the scene of the massacre reported: “The bodies lay in clusters round the school’s cricket pavilion. The victims had all been foully abused. All but one of the four adult women had been raped and left semi-naked on the grass.”

Mr. Young tells of the “deep-seated humanism” of a young man who told him: “I started killing at 14 and when you kill and when you realize you could be killed for something that you believe in, you learn that there’s nothing more precious and valuable than human life.”

This weekend, at the scene of the massacre, correspondents reported that the “victims were beyond help, with axe wounds scarring their bodies, bayonet thrusts deep in their backs, and skulls crushed by knobkerries or lengths of thick wood.

Shocked and angry troops viewed the carnage and quietly cursed the terrorists. One man had tears in his eyes as he muttered: ‘The bastards. They are nothing better than animals. How could they do this?

Yet these are the terrorists whom men like Andy Young support.

The tragedy of Africa is not just that such savagery still persists.

It is that terrorism has been given respectability. That the men with the guns are regarded as freedom fighters, as liberators, when they are no more than thugs and animals.

When will the World Council of Churches appreciate that it must stop aiding men who kill and maim the innocents?

When will our local political priests accept that it is time to condemn, instead of support, such forces of evil?

When will Mr. Andy Young and people like him realize that every man, woman or child who dies at Elim or at Kolwezi, or anywhere else on this dark continent, is a victim of insensate hate and barbarism?

When will they back the forces of peace, of tolerance, of goodwill, instead of supporting the brutal and beastly terrorists?

Source:I Luv South Africa Blog

'The worst day of our lives'

September 28 2009 at 07:41AM

By Jacques Breytenbach

"They killed my sister for a cellphone, and also nearly killed my brother-in-law. It was the worst day of our lives."

These were the words of a distraught Hane Rumsey, whose sister Isabel Schonken died on Saturday after being shot in the heart on a smallholding in Welbekend, east of Pretoria.

Her husband, Lars, is undergoing surgery at the Life Little Company of Mary Hospital in Groenkloof today. A metal plate will be surgically inserted into his skull in an attempt to repair the open fracture he suffered after being hit over the head with a blunt object during the attack.

At about 2.30am on Saturday, Schonken's eldest daughter, Sonija Smit, who lives with her husband Thinus in a house on the same plot as her parents, received a call from her father, telling her there were robbers in their house.

Thinus went to investigate. But the robbers had already fled with Schonken's cellphone, leaving Thinus with the grim task of assessing the 56-year-old Lars's injuries.

When Thinus found Lars, he was bleeding profusely from a deep head wound and asking where his wife Isabel was.

Thinus found 55-year-old Schonken lying dead on the floor of the guest toilet, near the front door of the house, shot through the chest. "My first priority was to get Lars to the hospital as fast as I could," Thinus said, adding that after he notified the police, he put his injured father-in-law into his car and drove to Wilgers Hospital.

Rumsey, who also lives in a cottage on the property, said there was an attempted break-in two weeks ago. She said that on Saturday the whole family had been caught off guard. "I did not hear a thing throughout the whole incident - not a gunshot, or a dog barking, or anyone screaming. I only woke up just before Sonija phoned me. It was the strangest thing," Rumsey said.

Lars was beaten badly with what seems to have been a wooden object with some sort of metal tip.

At some stage during the attack, Lars regained consciousness, opened the safe and shot at one of the robbers. It has not been confirmed yet if the robber was injured but a source close to the investigation said Lars had hit and injured one of them.

Rumsey said it appears as if Schonken had fallen asleep in front of the television and was woken by a gunshot. She added that despite electric fences and motion detection alarms on the property, the robbers managed to gain entry into the house.

"These guys knew exactly what they were doing. They have been watching our movements on the plot for a while now," she said.

Rumsey said her sister was a "very" strong character.

"It is a great loss to the family. The family is trying to be strong through this difficult time. All we can do is take it a day at a time," Rumsey said.

Smit said they were still waiting for the autopsy results.

"It's a very difficult time for us children. But we are dealing with it as best we can," she said.

Schonken leaves behind her eldest child and only son, Francois, and three daughters, Smit, Karin, and Alma.

Police spokeswoman Inspector Sanet Lourens said no arrests had been made.

Lourens said Bronkhorstspruit police had asked for and received three more police patrol cars from Pretoria to clamp down on the recent spate of violent crime in the rural areas around the city's east.

"We are monitoring the situation and want to ensure the greater Bronkhorstspruit, Boschkop, Cullinan and Welbekend communities that we are doing our best to bring the perpetrators of these violent crimes to book," said Lourens.

Meanwhile, Barry Bateman reports that Robert Anderson, 47, who was shot during a robbery at his home near Bronkhorstspruit, is "doing very well" following surgery on Friday. Anderson's son James, 18, was shot dead in the incident which took place at about 1am on Friday. Anderson was shot several times in the upper body.

James ran to his parents' bedroom and struggled with the gunman. A second gunman shot him in the back. He died on the scene.

No arrests have been made.

This article was originally published on page 1 of Pretoria News on September 28, 2009


Hijackers kill stroke survivor

September 29 2009 at 06:42AM

By Barry Bateman

A man partially paralysed by a stroke was shot in front of his wife when he could not open the passenger side door of the vehicle three gunmen were hijacking.

Thugs shot Henry Vorster, 57, through the neck and then through his chest moments after shooting his wife Magriet, 58, outside their Willows townhouse complex at about 11pm on Friday.

A stroke about four years ago paralysed Vorster down his left side, making him almost unable to walk and rendering his left arm useless.

'They shot him in the neck'
Police arrested the three suspects in Soshanguve on Saturday while driving the stolen red VW Polo but have yet to link them to the hijacking and murder.

Magriet said the couple left her mother's house in Pretoria North after a braai late on Friday night. "When we arrived at the complex I noticed a car near the gate but couldn't see anyone inside the it," she said from her hospital bed.

"I pressed the button to open the security gate and the next minute there was this guy next to the car. He shouted that it was a hijacking and that we must get out of the car or he would shoot," she said.

Magriet said she immediately tried to get out, but the gunman smashed the window and fired a shot which struck her right hand. "As I got out of the car he shot me again in the leg. I screamed at my husband to get out of the car but he could not open the door anyway because his left side is paralysed.

"The man pulled him over the car's centre console and out of the driver's door. They shot him in the neck, but before throwing him on the ground they shot him through the heart," she said.

Magriet said she would see the men again in court
Magriet, fighting back tears, explained how her husband was struggling to breathe. "I realised he was not getting air and rolled him over. I wanted to get my bag so I could use my phone to call for help, but the men had stolen it too. I started screaming at the top of my lungs," she said.

A neighbour across the road heard the commotion. He spotted the suspects and gave chase while another neighbour called for help.

The neighbour who chased after the suspects soon returned. He loaded the injured couple into his car and rushed them to Wilgers Hospital. "Doctors tried to resuscitate Henry for about an hour and a half, but he died," she said. Soshanguve police arrested the three suspects on Saturday after a shootout.

Police Inspector Mike Mbewe said police spotted the red Polo and gave chase.

He said a shootout ensued during which one of the suspects was wounded. "He is in hospital under police guard.

"The men were arrested and charged with being in possession of a stolen vehicle. They still need to be linked to the hijack and murder," he said.

Magriet said her two children, a son and daughter, were struggling to come to terms with the murder. She said she could not understand why the suspects would shoot her husband who clearly posed no threat. "He could not do anything on his own. He was still adapting to the stroke. I had to bath him and put his clothes on for him," she said.

Magriet said she would see the men again in court. "I will testify in their trial," she said.

This article was originally published on page 1 of Pretoria News on September 29, 2009


77-jarige verkrag en beroof

2009-09-29 01:47

Virginia Keppler

'n 77-jarige vrou is die afgelope naweek in haar huis in ’n aftreeoord in die ooste van Pretoria verkrag.

Die vrou van Garsfontein is Saterdag om 17:45 deur ’n man in haar erf oorval, langer as ’n uur aangehou en twee keer verkrag. Sy is ook telkens gewurg totdat sy byna haar bewussyn verloor het. Haar aanvaller het met R500 en ’n klein radio gevlug.

Sers. Lynnette Erasmus, polisiewoordvoerder, het gesê die vrou is oorval terwyl sy op haar stoep gesit en haar voëls brood gevoer het.

“Volgens die tannie het die voorval plaasgevind kort nadat sy haar motor by haar werktuigkundige gaan haal het.

“Sy is die eerste keer by die aftreeoord se hek deur die man lastig geval terwyl sy gewag het dat die hek moes oopgaan sodat sy kon inry. Die man het haar gevra vir kos en geld.

“Sy het gesê sy het nie en terwyl sy by die hek ingery het, het die man aangehou om haar lastig te val,” het Erasmus gesê.

Erasmus het gesê toe die vrou halfpad deur die hek is, het die hek toegegaan en haar motor getref. Dit het veroorsaak dat die hek ontspoor het.

“’n Paartjie wat daar verbygeloop het, het aan die tannie gesê sy moet inry en iemand gaan kry om die hek te kom regmaak en het belowe hulle sal daar staan totdat dié persoon opdaag.

“Hulle het woord gehou.”

Erasmus het gesê die vrou is daarna in haar huis in en het haar voëls gevoer.

“Die volgende oomblik het dieselfde man voor haar gestaan en haar gegryp en in die huis ingedwing.”

Volgens Erasmus het die man die gordyne toegemaak en gevra vir “baie geld”.

“Die tannie het gesê hy kan die R500 in haar handsak in die kamer kry. Hy het haar daarna gewurg en toe in die badkamer en slaapkamer verkrag.

“Die tannie het gesê sy was deurentyd bang dat hy haar met haar eie twee skerp messe wat in die kombuis was, sou steek.”

Sy word tans in die aftreeoord se hoësorgeenheid behandel.

Erasmus het gesê dit is onbekend hoe die man by die aftreeoord ingekom het.

Mnr. Nathi Mthethwa, minister van polisie, het onlangs tydens die bekendmaking van die jongste beskikbare misdaadstatistieke gesê huisrooftogte het landwyd met 27,3% toegeneem, terwyl seksuele misdrywe met 12% toegeneem het.

In Gauteng het seksuele misdrywe van 15 074 in die vorige verslagjaar tot 19106 toegeneem, ’n styging van byna 27%.

Mnr. Nantes Kelder, hoof van gemeenskapsveiligheid van die burgerregte-inisiatief AfriForum, het die regering se besluit bevraagteken om nie ’n onderskeid tussen seksuele misdrywe te tref nie. Hy het gesê die misdaadstatistieke toon dat die regering nie genoeg doen in die stryd teen ernstige geweldmisdaad nie.

Mthethwa het vroeër gesê die polisie moet sy maatreëls om dié misdrywe te bestry, verskerp.

- Beeld


Sunday, 27 September 2009

Stuur ons af op ‘n blanke volksmoord?

Deur Dan Roodt

Sondag 13 September 2009

Vandeesweek het ds. Nico Smith, ‘n soort sikofant van oorle Beyers Naudé, ‘n kat in die hoenderhok gesmyt met sy stuk in Beeld waarin hy blankes tot onderdanigheid aan hul nuwe swart heersers maan. So nie, sê Smith, gaan dieselfde lot ons tref as die sowat miljoen Franse Algeryne wat almal sak en pak met net die klere aan hul lywe hul land moes verlaat toe die moederland, Frankryk, hulle in die steek gelaat het en sy militêre magte verwyder het.

Nico Smith stel dit in ‘n neutedop só: “Ons het geen keuse nie as om lojale Suid-Afrikaners te word en te vergeet van ons minderheidsregte, ons taal en kultuur, ons aansprake op die beëindiging van regstellende aksie en die herinstelling van die doodstraf.”

Met ander woorde, ons moet aanvaar dat ons en ons kinders en waarskynlik ons kleinkinders, vir altyd tweederangse burgers onder ‘n swart regering gaan wees wat ons bloot gaan verdra na gelang van ons onderdanigheid en die “lojaliteit” wat ons jeens hom gaan betoon.

Tereg het Tim du Plessis, die redakteur van Beeld wat deesdae toenemend ontnugter met sy base by Naspers se utopiese voorstelling van “Suid-Afrika se wonderlike demokrasie” raak, ‘n teenargument geopper wat ek reeds jare lank ophaal: wat het hul onderdanigheid die blankes van Zimbabwe en veral die Commercial Farmers Union gebaat? Hulle het agteroor gebuig, hulle was lojaal en inskiklik, maar op die ou end het Mugabe dit as swakheid geïnterpreteer. Hulle grond is summier onteien en van die eertydse groot blanke bevolking van etlike honderde duisende mense in die voormalige Rhodesië het daar net mooi niks oorgebly nie.

Vyftien jaar nadat die Broederbond, die Nasionale Party en veral Nasionale Pers met sterre in hul oë Afrodemokrasie verwelkom het, lyk dit asof die werklikheid soos ‘n swartman met ‘n AK-47 in iemand se inrypad opdoem.

Smith weet waarskynlik nie veel van die Franse geskiedenis nie, want wat hy nie noem nie, is dat die Algerynse kwessie ‘n geweldige politieke twispunt in Frankryk self tussen Links en Regs ontketen het. Uiteindelik het Frankryk die “oorsese Franse” in die rug gesteek om die land self van ‘n moontlike burgeroorlog te red. Die Franse Algeryne kon die militêre stryd gewen het, net soos Suid-Afrika die ANC militêr kon vernietig het indien die ou regering maar net oor die politieke wil beskik het om dit te doen. Wat het die lugmag destyds met sy 300 Mirages en uitstekend opgeleide vlieëniers verhoed om die ANC se kamp naby Lusaka met die grond gelyk te maak?

Op dieselfde manier was die Portugese in Angola besig om die militêre geveg teen die MPLA te wen toe ‘n nuwe linkse en revolusionêre regering ná die sogenaamde Angelierrevolusie in Portugal aan bewind gekom het. Daardie regering het sowel Angola as Mosambiek aan die radikale, Marxistiese “bevrydingsbewegings” oorhandig, wat agterna alle blanke eiendom onteien, blanke vroue verkrag en die Portugese holderstebolder uit die land laat vlug het met dít wat hulle in hul tasse en hul motors kon laai.

Afrikaners en blankes beskik oor ‘n moontlike voordeel in dié sin dat ons nie meer oor ‘n moederland soos Frankryk of Portugal beskik wat ons kan verraai nie. Ook Brittanje, wat tradisioneel teen Afrikanerselfbeskikking en -vryheid gekant was en wou toesien dat ons deur die Zoeloes en Xhosas oorheers word, is besig om ekonomies en militêr te taan as gevolg van sy Noordseeolie wat opraak. Brittanje kan dus nie meer sy wil op ons afdwing soos hy in die laat tagtigerjare gedoen het toe hy die radikale ANC as enigste politieke erfgenaam vir Suid-Afrika voorgehou het nie.

Die feit dat Nico Smith nou die moontlikheid van blanke vlugtelinge wat met net die klere aan hul lywe die land sal moet verlaat aan ons voorhou – en dit nogal in Beeld – wil vir ons sê dat die aftakelingsproses eintlik al ver gevorder is. Wat Nico Smith aan ons oordra, is: julle het nie meer enige regte nie, die grondwet was ‘n foefie van De Klerk en kie. om julle te kry om van die weermag afstand te doen en nou is julle magtelose vlugtelinge in jul eie land. Aanvaar dit en wees onderdanig. Eintlik is julle slawe van die swart regime en te onnosel om dit in te sien; vandaar julle gemor oor minderheidsregte, die afskaffing van regstellende aksie en meer staatsbeskerming teen geweldsmisdaad.

Charles Nqakula, die vorige minister van veiligheid en sekuriteit, het dit al voorheen kliphard in die parlement gesê: “Verlaat die land as jy oor misdaad wil kla!”

Ná die Brandon-Huntley-geval in Kanada het blanke volksmoord egter skielik baie aktueel geraak. Indien ‘n Westerse regering – en dit nogal in ‘n liberale land soos Kanada – die gedagte van blankes wat deur swartes op grond van hul ras vervolg word, ernstig opneem, dan prikkel dit nogal die verbeelding.

Selfs Thabo Mbeki, Meneer Swartnasionalisme self, het nou die dag die V-woord gebruik toe hy gesê het dat die huidige rasgeoriënteerde denke van die ANC op volksmoord mag uitloop. Allerlei webwerwe waarin blanke, Afrikaner- en Boerevolksmoord bekla word, skiet by die dag soos paddastoele op, wat vir ons aandui dat die temperatuur in die land besig is om te styg.

Mense soos Nico Smith en Julius Malema is eintlik vir ons ‘n aanwins, want hulle praat reguit. Oor die afgelope anderhalf dekade en meer is ons so bewierook met Amerikaanse en Britse begrippe van rasseharmonie, multikulturalisme en natuurlik Tutu se “reënboognasie” wat hy net so by Jesse Jackson geplagiariseer het, dat baie van ons mense hulself steeds in ‘n gekkeparadys bevind. Hulle dink dat Suid-Afrika skielik ‘n Skandinawiese land geword het, ‘n eksperiment in menseregte en verdraagsaamheid, terwyl niks eintlik hier verander het van die dae toe Piet Retief en sy manne doodgemartel is en die Voortrekkerbabas se harsings agterna teen die wawiele uitgemoker is nie.

Die sogenaamde “debat” rondom ‘n moontlike bedreiging vir blankes wat daar nou in die Nasperskoerante plaasvind – ek sien Harald Pakendorf en Max du Preez kef ook vandag halfhartig in Rapport agterna – sal binne ‘n week of twee weer oorwaai. Daarna sal ons weer gebreinspoel word met al ons menseregte onder die wonderlike grondwet, wat regters Hlope en Motata dalkies vir ons gaan bewaar, en hoe dankbaar ons teenoor die grote ANC behoort te wees.

Nico Smith mag, soos Max du Preez en Christi van der Westhuizen en al die ander ekstremiste wat vandag in dié deurmekaar land as hoofstroomjoernaliste gereken word, ‘n malletjie wees. Maar hy is ook nie só mal nie. Gerugte wil dit hê dat hy lankal nie meer in Mamelodi tussen sy swart lidmate woon nie, maar in Pretoria-Oos tussen blankes. Met sy een voet in die swart wêreld en die soort mentaliteit wat daar geld, wil Smith vir ons waarsku dat ons nie moet dink dat ons met ons huidige “voordele” in die vorm van ons huise, plase en ander besittings, permanent gaan wegkom nie. Een of ander tyd, as ons houtgerus en op ons swakste is, gaan die ANC eenvoudig à la Mugabe die finale bedryf in sy bevrydingsdrama aankondig en sal ons soos die Algeryne uit die land gesit word of eenvoudig op ‘n groot skaal uitgewis word. Maar die paaie lughawe toe mag verstop wees en daar sal nie genoeg vliegtuie wees om ‘n lugbrug vir vier miljoen blankes te verskaf nie. Vandaar dus die volksmoordscenario wat nou skielik by almal – selfs die liberales – begin spook.

Dominee Nico Smith is waarskynlik heel korrek as hy in Beeld skryf:

“Sou dit tot ’n massa-aanval op al wat wit is, oorgaan, sit die wit mense vasgekeer soos rotte in ’n val. Hulle het geen moederland wat skepe sal stuur om hulle te verwyder nie. Hulle sal ’n massaslagting moet verduur.

Maar wat dan van die leër en die polisie? Waarom sou hulle vir die wit mense ter beskerming intree as hulle 15 jaar lank nog net kritiek vanuit die wit oord moes verduur? En wat van die VSA en die Verenigde Nasies?

Of hulle ter wille van vier miljoen wit ‘rassiste’ hulle aansien by die hele Afrika op die spel sal wil plaas, is hoogs te betwyfel.”

Ons moet onder geen illusie verkeer nie: die Britte, die Amerikaners met hul swart president, die Franse, die Duitsers, selfs die Hollanders wat nou al hoe meer na regs swenk, voel vere vir ons. Hulle sal hande gevou sit indien daar hier ‘n menseslagting teen blankes op die skaal van Rwanda – daardie ander “wonderwerk” uit 1994 – sou plaasvind. Al wat die Verenigde Nasies en die Veiligheidsraad sal bydra, sal ‘n debat wees oor die vraag of ons dit verdien, aldan nie. Miskien sal hulle – soos in Zimbabwe – na afloop ‘n paar sakke mieliemeel vir die swart armes stuur wat nou sonder hul wit boere en voedselprodusente moet klaarkom.

Maar vir ons sal hulle geen vinger verroer nie. Dis die ongelukkige – en harde – waarheid. Ons is suiwer op onsself aangewese.

Sodra ‘n mens egter onder hierdie verskriklike besef kom, begin die geskiedenis baie hard met jou praat. Was ons nie nog altyd aan die genade van Afrika se oorlogsugtige stamme uitgelewer nie? Binnekort verskyn daar by PRAAG ‘n heruitgawe van Paul Kruger se biografie deur D.W. Krüger. Ek hoop dat soveel as moontlik mense dit gaan lees. Want gedurende die hele negentiende eeu is ons aan die een kant deur die Britte en aan die ander kant deur Silkaats, Dingaan, Makapaan, Mosjesj en allerlei moorddadige swart leiers en hul volgelinge geteister. Gewoonlik het die Britte ook swartes teen ons opgesteek en terseldertyd enige kruitinvoere deur Boere via hul hawens in Natal en die Kaap verbied.

Hoe meer dinge verander, hoe meer bly hulle dieselfde. Oor die afgelope 250 jaar en meer is ons lewens nog feitlik elke dag bedreig. Ons leef nog altyd onder Damokles se swaard en die feit dat ons in 1994, danksy die wonderlike insigte van mnr. De Klerk en die spul kruipers waarmee hy hom omring het, ons weermag verloor het, is ‘n terugslag, maar nog nie ‘n ramp nie.

Die ANC is ‘n oorlogsparty. Sy hele denke, retoriek en sin vir intimidasie en geweldsdreigemente, is deurtrek van oorlogsug. Wat Nico Smith ook vir ons probeer sê, is dat indien daar ooit vrede in Suid-Afrika gaan wees – hoewel dit nooit ‘n geweldlose vrede gaan wees nie – sal dit geskied op voorwaarde dat ons daagliks voor ons heersers moet neerkniel en onsself moet verneder. Immers sien hulle nie, anders as wat mnr. De Klerk en die Nasperskoerante ons wil wysmaak, 1994 as ‘n “onderhandelde skikking” nie, maar as ‘n verowering.

Ons is verower en die verowerde beskik oor geen regte nie, allermins die reg op eiendom, op taal en kultuur, om van gelykheid nie eens te praat nie. Dit is hoe die ANC en waarskynlik ten minste die helfte van die swartes in die land – veral dié wat steeds aan die Ooskus woon – dink.

Wat het Paul Kruger-hulle ná 1877 gedoen toe sir Theophilus Shepstone en die Britte hul land geannekseer het? Hulle het begin weier om belastings te betaal. Dit het vanself ‘n plofbare situasie geskep wat op oorlog uitgeloop het.

In teenstelling met dominee Nico Smith, dink ek nie dis nou die tyd om briek aan te draai en die swartmag minder met kritiek en klagtes te irriteer nie. Dis juis nou die tyd om hulle te druk dat hulle oë traan.

Deur magte van buite, die Britte, Swede en VN met hul sanksies en aanstook van terreur in ons land – asook deur De Klerk se verskriklike kortsigtigheid – is ons in hierdie situasie gedompel. Ons het hierdie stryd en hierdie oorlog nie gekies nie; ander het dit oor ons gebring.

Ons is magteloos, maar ook nie so magteloos nie. Ons was nog altyd ‘n minderheid en ons het nog nooit in ons geskiedenis – behalwe vir ‘n dekade of twee toe P.W. Botha minister van verdediging en later president was – behoorlike wapens gehad nie. Nietemin het ons telkens as dit nodig was en ons in ‘n hoek gedryf was, met die hulp van Bo, oorwin. Al moet ons nou soos die wiskundenavorser in die rolprent Straw Dogs met potte warm kookolie vanuit ons huise veg, veg sal ons.

Vele ANC-woordvoerders soos Mokaba of Malema het nou al soveel keer met geweld gedreig dat ek begin dink hulle bluf net. Dominee Nico Smith dink kennelik hulle is ernstig, maar of hulle bluf of gaan aanval, maak eintlik nie saak nie. Want ons situasie gaan nie verander nie.

En solank ons in hierdie situasie van magteloosheid en uitgelewerdheid verkeer, sal ons op ons hoede moet wees. Ek wil nie soos die Boeremag klink nie en assosieer my ook nie met aggressiewe en onwettige pogings om die grondwetlike orde te verander nie, maar ons moet oor ‘n “gebeurlikheidsplan” beskik vir die dag as die ergste dalk wel plaasvind.

In elk geval ervaar ons tans ‘n graad van geweld en rasseaanvalle wat reeds ‘n volksmoord genoem kan word. Ons hanteer dit verbasend goed, maar moet besef dat dit moontlik net die begin van ‘n groter offensief kan wees.

En daarvoor, in dominee Smith se gevleuelde woorde, moet ons “pas op”.

Oorsprong:Dan Roodt se Woernaal

Julius Malema hou nie van boetes betaal

“Laat ek jou vertel, my vriend, ek het jou en jou apartheidsregime oorwin en ek gaan jou weer verslaan, eens en vir altyd!”

2009-09-26 21:23

Julian Rademeyer

Julius Malema is net so vinnig met sy kar as met sy bek – en hy betaal nie sy spoedkaartjies nie.

Die president van die ANC-jeugliga – alombekend vir sy gladde mond, liefde vir vinnige karre en laatnag-partytjies – het in die laaste twee jaar versuim om 14 boetes vir verkeersoortredings te betaal wat saam R5000 beloop.

En hy’s nie die enigste Jeug-liga-leier wat in die pekel is nie. Die woordvoerder Floyd Shivambu het sedert Augustus verlede jaar 12 onbetaalde boetes agter sy naam waarvoor hy R2625 skuld.

Malema het Vrydagaand oudergewoonte die raskaart uitgepluk toe hy oor sy uitstaande spoedkaartjies uitgevra is.

“Ek ken net revolusie, ek weet niks van motorbestuur nie,” het Malema telefonies vanuit Amerika gesê.

“Laat ek jou vertel, my vriend, ek het jou en jou apartheidsregime oorwin en ek gaan jou weer verslaan, eens en vir altyd!

“Almal van julle saam kan niks aan my doen nie. Jy mors jou tyd.

“Ek is ’n kind van helde en heldinne van die struggle. Ek is nie ’n kind van lafaards en onderdrukkers nie. Ek is nie ’n kind van ’n imperialis nie.

“Ek het koloniseerders verslaan. Ek gaan die kinders van die kinders van die koloniseerders verslaan.”

Hy het nie ontken dat hy uitstaande boetes het nie, maar gevra: “Is jy seker dis ek in die motor? Ken jy ’n kar genaamd ­Julius?”

Malema se inkswart Mercedes- Benz C350 is op 21 September verlede jaar teen ’n spoed van 169km/h op die N1-suid naby Johannesburg afgeneem. Hy’t versuim om die boete van R1100 te betaal.

Net die vorige dag is Malema afgeneem toe hy teen 146km/h gery het. Hy’t hard gerem om spoed te verminder, maar die kamera was te vinnig vir hom.

Sy jongste oortreding was vroeër vandeesmaand toe hy met R750 beboet is.

’n Woordvoerder van die Johannesburgse metropolisie, insp. Edna Mamonyane, het gesê ’n lasbrief vir ’n oortreder se inhegtenisneming word gewoonlik uitgereik indien ’n boete ná 90 dae nog nie betaal is nie, of die vermeende oortreder versuim het om in die hof te verskyn.

Mamonyane het bygevoeg dit kan soms “’n bietjie langer duur” en wou nie uitwei oor Malema nie.

Shivambu het Vrydag gesê hy was onbewus van sy eie en Malema se uitstaande boetes.

“Ek dink jy’s baie verveeld,” het hy by navraag gesê. “Ek weet nie waarvan jy praat nie. Ek kan nie kommentaar lewer voordat ons nie seker gemaak het waar jy die inligting gekry het nie. Jy kon dit in jou kop opgemaak het.”

Shivambu het die foon toe neergesit.

Malema het vroeër vandeesmaand gesê mense wat gal braak oor ministers wat duur rygoed met belastingbetalers se geld koop, is bloot jaloers.

“Om ’n Mercedes-Benz te ry kan nie korrupsie wees nie. As dit is hoe julle korrupsie defi­nieer, is julle net jaloers,” het hy volgens berigte gesê.

- Malema en die adjunkminister van polisie, mnr. Fikile Mbalula, was vandeesweek in die Amerikaanse hoofstad, Washington, DC, om “Suid-Afrika te bevorder en Amerikaners aan te moedig om in die land te belê”.

Die omstrede “Suid-Afrika- week” val saam met die jaarlikse konvensie van die sogenaamde swart koukus van die Amerikaanse kongres.

Dié twee sou ’n aantal vergaderings, asook dinees, ’n wynproe, modevertoning en konsert bygewoon het.

Die Suid-Afrika-week is gereël deur Khabo-Mabe On Time Inc., ’n maatskappy wat bestuur word deur die Suid-Afrikaner mnr. Kennedy Khabo.

Vroeër vanjaar het ’n woordvoerder van die Suid-Afrikaanse ambassade in Washington Khabo beskryf as ’n “gediskrediteerde persoon wie se boeke nie skoon is nie”.

Carte Blanche het verlede jaar onthul die Tshwane-metroraad het meer as R2 miljoen aan dié week bestee en dat dit “niks meer as ’n groot partytjie” was nie.

Die openingsaand verlede jaar is deur net 25 mense bygewoon – van wie tien Tshwane-amptenare was.

- Rapport


Saturday, 26 September 2009

Mugabe: Remember the Lancaster House discussions Englishman

If you cannot see the embedded video, click here.

In the first interview by a foreign media in many years (see above or here), Robert Mugabe talks to Christiane Amanpour of CNN about how the British government sold out their own people, the white Rhodesians, by giving Mugabe permission at "the Lancaster House discussions" to expropriate their land.

English South Africans should look at Zimbabwe as a harbinger of what is to come for them in South Africa. Is their loyalty to Britain, often at the expense of the Afrikaner, reciprocal?

Soon they will have to choose their allies. Will it be the British, thousands of kilometres away, who sold out the Rhodesians, or the Afrikaners, right here next to them, who are the only white minority group in Africa with a chance to forge a future for white people on the Dark Continent.

We are at the eleventh hour; it is time to choose sides.

What is it going to be Englishman?

by Kwaaitjie Kabouter

'Kill a woman, steal a TV'

by George Annandale

An innocent woman was senselessly shot dead by fleeing armed robbers on the driveway of a petrol station in Johannesburg. She was minding her own business and was no threat to the robbers. In Durban, a second woman was shot to death by armed robbers, this time in broad daylight on a busy street. Yesterday a third woman, shot dead in her house by robbers, for a TV set, was buried.

These senseless acts, many similar acts and the daily raids on shopping centres fly in the face of promises made by Jacob Zuma, Mthetwa, Mbalula and Cele.

Having been a victim of armed robbers on two occasions, I am concerned and worried. I find it particularly difficult to understand why these violent criminals have to kill their victims, often in the most savage manner. Thanks to the police, the anti-gun lobby and with the assistance of the new firearms act, a great number of firearms were transferred from legal and registered owners to criminals. Reports of missing guns, handed to the police are rife. The criminals must know they have the balance of firepower, they know - in most cases - the victims are unarmed yet they still kill them.

This begs the question, why the senseless killings? I came up with quite a few possibilities. I obviously eliminated racism, many may disagree with me but we know there is no such thing as a racist black person. Anybody, that does not recognise racism as a trait unique to whites, lives in cloud-cuckoo land. We are told daily, by the media and our leaders, that black racism does not exist. Having discarded racism I was left with a list of possibilities ranging from naked hatred of assorted things, to xenophobia, hunting instincts, hero worship, obsessive-compulsive-behaviour syndrome (CBS), fear of prosecution, lack of life-skill education and projection.

We have already seen the effects of xenophobia in South Africa and in many cases; the robbers consider their victims “non-indigenous” and therefore fair game. Many robbers, being descendants of hunters, believe they have to kill the victim in order to get what they want, others. Many of the killer robbers, in admiration of the struggle generation, brave bomb-planters like McBride and warriors calling for their machineguns, justifiably want to emulate their heroes. Complicated psychological conditions like, Borderline Personality Disorder, various forms of CBS , Bi-Polarity and heaven knows what else, contribute to the apparent senseless killings stemming from the seemingly petty robberies.

It is obvious that the government and police can solve the problem by establishing sufficient number of lunatic asylums that will cope with the abnormally high levels of insanity prevailing in the county. Potential lunatics, so identified at school can be locked away, in padded cells, where they will pose no threat to society.

Young people in schools must receive a basic economics understanding of the re-distribution of wealth and sustainability of potential resources. It does not take a rocket-scientist to figure that by killing robbery victims, they terminate their ability to create more wealth. Instead of impulsively blowing the harmless victim’s brains away, they can beat the victim senseless, which is more fun anyway, ensuring the victim returns to normal life, slightly traumatized but nevertheless, able to work harder, generate more wealth and ready for a hit a few months later. They can nail most victims at least six times, before they will throw in the towel and emigrate. If the police can manage such a paradigm shift, the necessity for hiding crime statistics will disappear, since many murders and violent crimes, can then be reclassified as economic and white-collar crime which, can that be dumped on the traditional white-collar crook, Nigerians and whites.

Ray McRawley, with the foot washing Vlok and Niehaus can be tasked to, at school level, institute a program teaching brotherly love. This may cure the tendency of schoolchildren, to develop a “hate of assorted things”, which as we see, manifests itself, later in life, in a desire to kill.

Potential robbers must also realise, the killing of victims, to prevent identification in the unlikely event of a prosecution, is unnecessary. Everybody, except the robbers know blacks generally look the same to whites and besides, the poor bastards are generally scared out of their wits by the robber and the fear of inevitable death, they do not remember a thing.

As for the hero worship, that will be a difficult one. Can you imagine any freedom fighter worth his salt or African leader giving up his hero status, often self-conferred and based on unsubstantiated myth, in the interest of preventing the spilling of a few drops of blood?

After all, it is blood, generally that of others, which create heroes. Keeping the struggle alive is the essence of political power. If the government and the leaders focus on the other areas, I suppose it will result in a slight decrease in the killings. Besides, Rome was not built in a day. If we can progress from the top ten in violent crime rankings to, say number twenty, we can claim success.

Jacob Zuma, in his first 100 days, has clearly not made the impression on crime he promised. Whilst the Minister and the Deputy-minister are playing the “Mine-is-bigger-than-yours” game and Bheki Cele takes a grand tour, people continue to die at an ever-increasing rate. Given the number of criminals in the police, the incompetence of others, the corruption at high levels and the ease with which dockets disappear, I fail to see how Cele’s shoot to kill attitude will change the situation.

Source: Letterdash.com

Ons word uitgemoor en jul skryf oor Joost!

deur P.R. Prinsloo

2009-09-26 01:43

Dit maak my regtig bekommerd om te weet dat die polisie toenemend korrup en rassisties geword het.

Asof die hoë misdaadsyfer en regstellende aksie nie genoeg is nie, moet ons as wit mense ons nou oor die polisie ook bekommer. Die berig oor die Mmakau-polisiekantoor, wat nie een enkele saak in die jaar opgelos het nie, dui op ’n duidelike rasteikening van wit mense deur swart mense.

Volgens my kan mnr. Huntley in sy asielsaak gerus hierdie artikel as verdedigingsbewys gebruik.

Hoeveel vuurwapens wat in rooftogte gebruik word, word deur die polisie aan die misdadigers verskaf?

Hoeveel polisielede is self by misdaad betrokke? Hoeveel onregmatige arrestasies was daar die afgelope jaar teen wit mense? Watter voet het wit mense om in Suid-Afrika op te staan? Die Grondwet?

Ons word uitgemoor en verdruk, maar Beeld verkies om Joost se huismoleste op die voorblad te plaas.

Wat ’n tragedie!


‘Hy was net ’n kind’

2009-09-26 00:44

Hilda Fourie

'n Jong man is gister in sy ouerhuis buite Bronkhorstspruit doodgeskiet oomblikke nadat sy pa in sy slaapkamer geskiet is.

Mev. Jeanine Anderson moes toekyk hoe haar man, mnr. Robert Anderson (47), die eienaar van ’n boumaatskappy, twee keer in die maag geskiet word.

Oomblikke later het sy nog ’n skoot gehoor.

Dié skoot het die lewe van haar seun, Sheun (18), wat vir sy pa gewerk het, geëis.

Insp. Sanet Lourens, polisiewoordvoerder, het gesê ’n inbreker het gister omstreeks 01:00 deur ’n kombuisvenster van die Andersons se huis op ’n kleinhoewe by Wag-’n-bietjieskop, buite Bronkhorstspruit, geklim.

Volgens Lourens het die man reguit na die hoofslaapkamer geloop waar Anderson sr. en sy vrou geslaap het.

Volgens mnr. André van Staden, ’n familievriend, het Anderson sr. uit sy bed opgespring toe hy van die man bewus word.

Anderson sr. het glo net omgedraai om sy bril te kry toe die man hom twee keer skiet.

“Hy (die moordenaar) het langs die bed gestaan en die man twee keer in die maag geskiet,” het Lourens gesê.

“Mev. Anderson het op die bed gelê toe haar man geskiet is. Die man het niks aan mev. Anderson gesê of haar gevra om enigiets te doen nie.”

Volgens Lourens het die egpaar se seun van die skote wakker geword en is hy na sy ouers se slaapkamer toe.

Die moordenaar het net toe uit die kamer die gang ingestap en hom in Anderson jr. vasgeloop. ’n Stoeiery het in die gang uitgebreek en tot in die kombuis aangegaan. In die kombuis het ’n ander moordenaar Anderson jr. van agter in die bolyf geskiet. Hy is op die toneel dood.

Lourens het gesê die moordenaars het gevlug deur dieselfde venster waar hulle ingekom het. Net ’n skootrekenaar word vermis.

Anderson sr. is na die Bronkhorstspruit-hospitaal geneem vanwaar hy met ’n helikopter na die Steve Biko-hospitaal in Pretoria oorgeplaas is.

Hy is in ’n kritieke toestand in die hoësorgeenheid opgeneem.

“Hulle (misdadigers) voel niks vir ’n mens nie,” het Van Staden gesê.

“Die laaitie het pas 18 geword en was nog ’n kind. Dit is so sleg.”

Buiten sy ouers laat Anderson jr. ook ’n ouer broer, Robbie (19), agter. Hy was nie tuis ten tyde van die voorval nie.

* Volgens die polisie se misdaadstatistieke wat vroeër vandeesweek bekend gemaak is, het moorde en huisrooftogte in die Bronkhorstspruit-polisiewyk van April verlede jaar tot Maart vanjaar onderskeidelik met 110% en 104% toegeneem.

- Beeld


Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Deur Radio Pretoria

As u na hierdie nuuskommentaar luister, moet u uself as ‘n baie gelukkige persoon beskou. Dit beteken dat u nie een van vyftig mense is wat die afgelope jaar elke dag vermoor is nie. Dit beteken ook dat u nie een van die vyftig huiseienaars daagliks is by wie daar ingebreek is en u radio weggedra is terwyl u dalk bloeiend, aangerand of half doodgeslaan in die badkamer vasgemaak was nie. Dit beteken dat u ook nog radio in u motor kan luister, en dat u nie een van die een en veertig mense daagliks is wie se motor gekaap is nie.

Dit is die realiteit van die ANC-Suid-Afrika, soos dit gister oopgevlek is toe die misdaadstatistieke uiteindelik vrygestel is. Met dié skokkende statistiek is dit nou heel verstaanbaar dat die huidige adjunk-president van die ANC, Kgalema Motlanthe, in sy tyd as president vroeër vanjaar besluit het om nie hierdie statistiek voor die algemene verkiesing bekend te maak nie.

Die afname van 1,8 persent in moordgevalle is weglaatbaar. Om te wil juig oor ‘n afname van 339 moorde oor ‘n tydperk van ‘n jaar, terwyl daar steeds byna 18500 mense vermoor is, grens aan die absurde. Die enigste rede waarom daar ‘n algehele afname in die getal moorde is, is omdat daar ‘n 17 persent afname was in die Wes-Kaap en ‘n 7,5 persent afname in die Oos-Kaap. Maar in Oos-Transvaal het moorde met ‘n stewige 8 persent gestyg, in Noord-Transvaal met byna 8 persent, in Sentraal Transvaal met 5,7 persent, en in die ander provinsies was daar ook stygings.

Huisrooftogte het skrikwekkend gestyg. Die provinsie waar die styging die minste was, is Sentraal-Transvaal, waar die styging “slegs” 11 persent was. Maar in die Noord-Kaap het huisrooftogte met 275 persent gestyg, in die Oos-Kaap byna 129 persent, in die Vrystaat byna 128 persent en ook die Wes-Kaap is nie dié euwel gespaar nie, een meer as 22 persent méér huisrooftogte het daar voorgekom.

Rooftogte by sake-ondernemings het ook drasties gestyg. Die feit dat nie méér mense tydens die verskillende rooftogte dood is nie, kan byna as blote geluk geskryf word, want in baie gevalle word mense geskiet, gesteek, aangerand en gewond. Daar is dus geen rede vir enige gerustheid nie. Die situasie is erger as in die meeste oorloggeteisterde lande.

Hierdie statistiek kan ook nie meer op Thabo Mbeki en sy minister van veiligheid en sekuriteit se brood gesmeer word nie. Die grootste tydperk was onder die huidige minister van polisie, wat al deur Motlanthe aangestel is nadat Mbeki “herroep” is. Ons moet dus geen valse hoop koester dat onder Zuma en sy minister dinge beter gaan nie, want duidelik gebeur dit nie.

Daar kan nog baie oor die misdaad gesê word, maar dit sal ons net warm onder die boordjie maak. Die belangrikste is om te besef dat ons ons belastinggeld mors, want die staat gebruik dit nie om sy inwoners te beskerm nie. Ons sal een of ander tyd ernstig moet begin besin oor die hele kwessie van belastingbetaling aan die staat, vir dienste wat nie gelewer word nie. Voorts moet ons besef dat ons ons asem mors om die regering daarop te wys dat dit sy grondwetlike plig is om ons te beskerm. Hy doen dit al vyftien jaar lank nié. Ons sal dit self moet doen. Ons sal nog meer paraat moet word, onsself moet laat oplei om huis en haard te beskerm en te verdedig, betrokke raak by mekaar, en mekaar beskerm en mekaar se belange op die hart dra.

Bowenal sal ons weer eens moet besef dat hierdie nie die soort bestel is wat strook met ons kultuur nie, en dat ons dringend moet kyk na ‘n alternatief. Om te dink ons kan hierdie land “maak werk” en ‘n leefbare situasie kan help skep, is, met alle redelikheid, ‘n hersenskim – pragmatiese wensdenkery.

Oorsprong:Radio Pretoria

Murder victim ‘made killers sandwiches’


Neil Oelofse oelofseN@avusa.co.za

TWO teenagers arrested for the murder of a 78-year-old librarian in Wittedrift, Plettenberg Bay, apparently stabbed her to death after she made them sandwiches.

Wittedrift Dutch Reformed Church pastor Chris du Preez said the two boys, aged 16 and 17, from the adjoining township of Green Valley, had frequently visited Johanna Blignault at her home, where she gave them food.

Police who found Blignault’s blood- soaked body outside her back door also found evidence suggesting she had made them sandwiches in her kitchen on Saturday afternoon. A bloody knife was found at the scene.

The boys were ordered to remain in custody when they appeared briefly in the Plettenberg Bay Magistrate’s Court yesterday. Police said their case was postponed to Tuesday next week for a bail application.

Evidence was also found to suggest Blignault had been raped, but police said a post-mortem would be conducted today to establish the facts.

The two suspects used R150 they allegedly took from her purse to buy alcohol and were drinking at the home they shared with the grandmother of one of the boys in Green Valley on Saturday night when police arrived to arrest them.

A DVD player was found with the two youths after police earlier found a radio and frozen chicken, also allegedly from Blignault’s home, in bushes outside the grandmother’s house.

Both youths had previous brushes with the law. One was out on bail and was to be sentenced yesterday on a charge of housebreaking, while the other was serving a suspended sentence for stealing a car.

After the murder Du Preez set up a Facebook site for Blignault, and by yesterday 102 people had already joined.

“I did it to provide a forum for people to express their sorrow and anger. It is better to talk about this than not,” he said.

Du Preez said Blignault was “a real community leader who served as Wittedrift librarian for more than 50 years without remuneration”, and was loved by the community.

“It was heartening to see the people of Green Valley come in droves on Saturday to mourn her.”

Du Preez praised the police for their “sterling work” and quick response to the crime scene.

“Detective Inspector John Nomdoe did fantastic work. From the moment he arrived he acted calmly and professionally and took control of the situation.”

Plett’s head of detectives, Superintendent Zola Zatu, was also singled out for praise.

“He spent hours with us while we waited for the forensic team from George, who were also fantastic.”

Blignault’s son, Jeffrey’s Bay attorney Ernie, said yesterday his mother was “a very soft, well- loved person”.

“She really did not deserve this. This is the symptom of a sick society. It feels as if we are sliding back into the middle ages.”

He said his mother had chosen to stay in Wittedrift after her husband George, a teacher at the local high school for 35 years, passed away 13 years ago.

“She lived in Wittedrift for 54 years. She was happy there. She enjoyed helping the people in her work as librarian and in her contributions to the church.”

She is survived by her son Ernie, 50, and daughters Gene, 45, and Helena, 51. She will be buried in Wittedrift on Friday.

The Wittedrift community was still in shock yesterday, but everyone contacted attested to Blignault’s generous spirit.

A neighbour, who asked not to be named, said she was the first to come across Blignault’s body after the elderly woman failed to answer her telephone.

“I went to check because I knew she was home. It’s unbelievable that she has been attacked by people from the very community she served selflessly for 50 years.”

Source:The Herald Online

Watse erfenis is daar vir wit mense oor om te vier?

deur E. de Clerk

2009-09-23 03:54

Watter erfenis moet wit Suid-Afrikaners op Erfenisdag vier?

Die onbeholpe ANC-regering–'n sy kommunistiese bondgenote–gebruik hierdie vakansiedae om die massas op te sweep met politieke retoriek.

Van erfenis is daar bitter min sprake.

Erfenis is al omskryf as: “Dit wat ons geërf het: die somtotaal van die natuurlewe en natuurskoon, plekke van wetenskaplike of geskiedkundige belang, nasionale monumente, historiese geboue, kunswerke, literatuur, musiekstukke, mondelinge tradisies en museumversamelings saam met hul dokumentasie.”

Die volgende vrae kom onwillekeurig op: “Wat bring ons swart bevolking na die erfenistafel?” en: “Het hulle ’n erfenis wat ek wil vier?”

Soos die Israeliete van ouds, wil dit voorkom asof die ANC-regering alle spore van die wit mense se geskiedenis in hierdie land wil uitwis.

Waarmee wil hulle dit vervang?

Robbeneiland, Soweto-onluste, toi-toi, misdaad en korrupsie?

Die Wêreldbeker-sokkertoernooi volgende jaar?

Die mite van ’n reënboognasie?

Nasionale gedenkwaardighede soos die ou tremhalte – in Kerkstraat, langs die Uniegebou wat nou deur sluipslapers bewoon word – tot ons land se grootste erfenis – ons skoon, onbesoedelde water – is binne 15?jaar verwoes deur die regering se onvermoë om die land te bestuur.

Daar is egter nog sommige wat sal redeneer dat ons ons vryheid het om te vier.

Hoe vry is jy agter jou tralies en hoë mure?

Geniet jy jou erfenis in jou persoonlike klein tronkie in die voorstede? Wat gaan jou kinders oor 20 jaar vier?

Viva, Erfenisdag!



Wag skiet terug, koeëlwond en al

2009-09-23 02:26

Hilda Fourie

Met ’n koeëlwond in sy bobeen en nog sowat 16 koeëls wat om hom neerreën het ’n veiligheidswag gister sy dienspistool uitgeruk en op boosdoeners teruggeskiet.

Dié voorval was die derde in Pierre van Ryneveld in Centurion die afgelope paar jaar waar mnr. Willie Venter (31) met sy lewe daarvan afgekom het.

Hy is al voorheen tydens onderonsies met boewe geskiet.

Venter, wat help om ’n veiligheidskompleks in dié woongebied te beveilig, het eergister omstreeks middernag ’n oproep ontvang oor drie verdagtes wat opgemerk is.

Volgens Venter het hy en sy kollegas sowat ’n uur na die verdagtes gesoek.

Die mans het heeltyd vir hulle weggehardloop en weggekruip in die kompleks wat ’n radius van sowat 1,2?km het.

“Ek het een man op die perseel gekry en hom gekonfronteer,” het Venter gesê.

“Ek het hom gegryp en ons het ’n bie­tjie gestoei.

“Toe ek die tweede keer na hom skop, het ek gevoel my been brand. Ek het besef ek is geskiet. Ek het nie eens die skoot gehoor nie.”

Venter het gesê dit was nie te seer nie en hy kon nog staan en loop.

Die volgende oomblik het die ander twee mans aangeloop gekom en op hom begin skiet.

“Tussen hulle drie het hulle seker 16 skote op my geskiet,” het hy gesê. “Ek het my pistool gekry en teruggeskiet. Ek het alles in my vermoë gedoen dat hulle net van my af wegbly. Ek dink die feit dat ek teruggeskiet het, het gemaak dat hulle weghardloop.”

Venter is nie seker of hy een van hulle getref het nie.

Al waarvoor hy dankbaar is, is dat hy gesien het hoe die ander twee aangeloop gekom het. “Anders het hulle my doodgeskiet.”

Venter is ná die voorval vir behandeling na die Unitas-hospitaal in Centurion geneem en ’n paar uur later ontslaan om tuis in Elarduspark, naby Pierre van Ryneveld, te gaan herstel.

Ná die voorval is hy nie seker wat hy gedink het toe die koeëls om hom neergereën het nie. “Ek weet net ek was die moer in. Dat hulle die arrogansie het om op my te skiet het dit net te erg gemaak.”

- Beeld

Oorsprong: Beeld

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Bewapen jouself - baklei terug

deur Past. Marius Muller

2009-09-19 02:22

Die artikel “Werk saam met rowers” verwys.

Dit laat my bloed kook as ek lees van sulke slapgattigheid.

Indien Suid-Afrika ingeval word, sal die weermag maar saamwerk met die invallers?

Moet die polisie saamwerk met misdadigers?

Moet ons nie die duiwel weerstaan en dan sal hy vlug nie?

Mense moet hulself bewapen en voorberei.

Skiet ’n misdadiger altyd raker as jy?

Hoeveel mense word nie in elk geval vermoor of verkrag of jy saamwerk of nie.

Jou lewe is nie belangriker as dit wat reg is nie; dit is om lafhartig te wees.

Ek self is ’n pastoor en het reeds een inbreker doodgeskiet, met geen skuldgevoel nie, slegs jammerte.

Al wat kruip voor ’n rower doen, is om hom meer sadisties te maak en te sterk in sy kwaad.

Verset jouself liewer tot die dood toe as om met jou verdiende skuld saam te leef omdat jy te lafhartig was om jouself, gesin of eiendom te beskerm.

Die Vader behoed ons boere as almal die “rol om en pleit”-houding inneem.


'Ons sit en wag om uit te vind wie gaan volgende wees'

2009-09-22 07:07

André Damons

Die gemeenskap van Krugersrus in Springs leef in vrees nadat ’n misdadiger se koeël ’n inwoner Saterdagaand noodlottig getref het.

Dokters het me. Karen Nagel (45) eergister in die Glenwood-hospitaal in Benoni breindood verklaar. Die masjiene wat haar aan die lewe gehou het is daarna afgeskakel.

Sy is geskiet toe sy probeer keer het dat aanvallers by die skuifdeur van hul huis inkom.

Haar man, Jan, het ’n koeël wat ook vir sy kop bedoel was, met sy hand gekeer.

Gemeenskapslede het met skok en vrees op die “sinnelose moord” gereageer.

Mnr. George Gerber, die Nagels se skoonseun wat vyf huise daarvandaan bly, het die skote gehoor en uitgehardloop. Hy het een van die mans sien weghardloop en hom agternagesit. “Ek kon hom net nie vang nie. Ek en van die ander mans het hulle later met die voertuie probeer soek, maar kon hulle nie kry nie.”

Volgens hom is dit vir sy swanger vrou, Jacqueline, baie moeilik om te verwerk. Elke keer as die honde blaf is sy wakker.

Mnr. Louis Nel (36), nóg ’n inwoner, het gesê daar is amper weekliks ’n skietery in die woonbuurt.

“Ons sit en wag om uit te vind wie gaan volgende wees. Elke geringe geluid maak my vrou en kinders wakker. Die mans slaap nie en ry snags rond om die gebied te patrolleer.”

Volgens hom is die oop stuk veld en konstruksieterrein wat aan die woonbuurt grens, moontlik die broeiplek vir die misdaad in die gebied.

Nel het gesê hulle het die munisipaliteit en die maatskappy wat die grond gekoop het, gevra om die gebied skoon te maak, maar albei het geweier. Hulle het aangebied om self daarvoor te betaal.

“Sommige kere klink dit soos ’n oorlogsone met tussen 15 en 20 skote op ’n slag.”

Me. Amanda Greybe, polisiewoordvoerder van die Springs-polisiekantoor, het gister gesê geen ernstige misdade is in die laaste twee maande daar aangemeld nie. “Dit is een van ons rustiger woonbuurte en die voorval (skietery) is die eerste voorval in ’n lang tyd.”

Greybe het gesê niemand is nog in verband met die aanval op die Nagels in hegtenis geneem nie.


Woman brain dead after robbery

September 21 2009 at 10:08AM

By Hannes Myburgh

Karen Nagel tried to keep armed robbers from entering her home - but as she struggled to close the door on them one stuck a pistol through the opening and fired at her.

Now just three days after her son, Johan Nagel, celebrated his 23rd birthday he is at her bedside where she was last night declared brain-dead.

Doctors at Glenwood Hospital in Benoni expected to get a second opinion on her diagnosis late last night.

Karen and her husband, Jan, were watching television at about 9.30pm in their Springs home on Saturday night when their three dogs suddenly started barking in the backyard. Karen went to investigate and Jan came after her.

When she reached the patio she noticed some men just outside the sliding door leading to the backyard. Shouting for her husband, she struggled to slam shut the door while the men wrestled to keep it open.

Jan had grabbed a poker from the fireplace and was rushing to his wife's aid when one of the men stuck a pistol through the opening in the door and fired at Karen.

The bullet hit her in the back of her head. The men then fired a shot at Jan, then fled.

The first shot missed him prompting the men to turn back and fire a second shot which grazed his right arm before lodging in the roof. It is suspected five shots were fired in total with .45 calibre and 9mm pistols used in the incident.

Nothing was taken after the shooting.

Karen fell in the doorway and her husband made her comfortable on the floor before phoning their son.

Their relatives who live down the road rushed to their house after hearing shots. Some rushed to the backyard and through the back gate to follow the suspects.

Although only two were seen at the house, five men were seen running away into the veld. The police have been accused of responding late allowing the robbers time to flee.

Police spokeswoman senior superintendent Noxolo Kweza said the allegations about the police's actions would be investigated.

Johan arrived 15 minutes after his father's call and found Jan cradling Karen on his lap. At the time she was still conscious and communicated with her family in gestures.

Shortly after the incident, Johan, Jan and other family members started calling 10111, 112 and 911.

Paramedics arrived at about 10.30pm and tried to stabilise Karen before she was taken to Glenwood Hospital in Benoni. The first police unit arrived only 45 minutes later.

Last night, Karen was kept on life support while tests were being done to ascertain whether there was any chance of saving her life.

This article was originally published on page 2 of The Star on September 21, 2009


Sunday, 20 September 2009

Did 142 academics & others get it wrong on crime?

James Myburgh

15 September 2009

Victimisation surveys fail to support claims made in open letter to Canadian govt

JOHANNESBURG - Last week some of South Africa's most prominent academics appended their signatures to an open letter protesting the granting of refugee status in Canada to a white South African, Brandon Huntley (see here). The refugee panel board apparently found (inter alia) that the ANC government was failing to protect the white minority from criminal violence perpetrated by black South Africans.

The 142 signatories included Melissa Steyn, Intercultural and Diversity Studies, University of Cape Town; Martin Hall, Vice-Chancellor, University of Salford; Max Price, Vice-Chancellor, UCT; Jonathan Jansen, Vice-Chancellor, University of the Free State; Thandi Sidzumo-Mazibuko, Acting Vice Principal, UNISA; Crain Soudien, Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor, UCT; Adam Habib, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Johannesburg; and, Arnold van Zyl, Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Stellenbosch.

In the letter, addressed to the Charge d'Affaires of Canada in South Africa, the signatories protested that "it is simply untrue that white people are being targeted disproportionately. Black South Africans are much more likely to be victims of crime, largely because they are less able to afford the protections and security measures which most white South Africans, as still privileged citizens, are able to acquire."

Given the eminence of the signatories, their sheer weight in numbers, and its apparent plausibility, this assertion has gone largely unquestioned. But is it true? A number of crime victimisation surveys have been conducted over the past decade. Do they support, or contradict, the claims of this combination of learned academics?

What the crime victimisation surveys say

In March 1998 Statistics South Africa conducted a comprehensive ‘victims of crime survey' (see here). This found that whites were somewhat more likely to fall victim to crime than other race groups. 16,5% of white respondents said they had experienced at least one individual crime in 1997, as compared to 16,8% of Coloureds, 14,1% of black respondents, and 11,4% of Indian respondents. Black and Coloured respondents were slightly more likely than whites to have experienced violent crime as individuals (but not households.) The differential between black and white individual victimisation rates (2,4%) was fairly low.

Table 1. Individual crime victimisation (Jan to Dec 1997)

One (or more)

Black: 14.1
White: 16.5
Coloured: 16.8
Indian: 11.4


Black: 85.9
White: 83.5
Coloured: 83.2
Indian: 88.6

Source: Statistics South Africa survey, 1998

This survey was conducted in the period during which the ANC transitioned from its policy of ‘reconciliation' to the aggressive pursuit of ‘Africanisation.' In 1998 the ANC began the implementation of its dual policies of taking control over the levers of state power and asserting ‘African hegemony' within them. The ANC leadership now also began to express virulent anti-white rhetoric.

For instance in a speech in February 1999 the then Minister of Health, Nkosazana Zuma, accused the white minority, and their political representatives, of arrogantly refusing "to acknowledge that they need to cleanse their hands, which for decades have been dripping with the blood and tears of millions of victims....They have shown no remorse or contrition and pay scant regard to the suffering, pain and humiliation for which they have been responsible."

It is an open question whether such racialist propaganda would have given the green light to criminals to cross over the colour line en masse. However, at the end of 1999 an HSRC survey found that 39% of white respondents had experienced crime over the previous year, as opposed to 16% of black respondents. As the HSRC research report noted, "When analysed by population group, distinct differences emerge. White and Indian respondents report substantially higher victimisation rates than black or coloured respondents" (see here- PDF).

Table 2: Reported crime victimisation (Nov 1998 to Nov 1999)


Blacks: 84
Whites: 61
Coloureds: 82
Indians: 68


Blacks: 11
Whites: 19
Coloureds: 10
Indians: 15

More than once

Blacks: 5.8
Whites: 20
Coloureds: 8.6
Indians: 17

Source: HSRC, national opinion survey 1999

In 2003, the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) conducted a further victim of crime survey, designed to be compatible with the 1998 Statistics South Africa one. This found that "Black (64%) and coloured (62%) South Africans were much more likely to feel very safe during the day than whites (35%) and Indians (11%)."

Despite being "still privileged citizens" whites and Indians were less able to secure their own homes than other race groups. The report on the survey noted: "In terms of who is most at risk of housebreaking, white (14%) and Indian (14%) households were more likely to say they were burglarised than were blacks (7%) and coloureds (4%)...Most of the burglaries discussed by respondents occurred at night (70%), but were as likely to occur when the residents were at home (50%) as when they were absent (50%)."

More recent surveys continue to suggest that the prosperous racial minorities were still more likely to fall victim to crime, despite the extensive security measures that they may have invested in. In April/May 2007 Markinor asked crime victimisation questions in its regular omnibus survey. These found that a disproportionate number of whites (20%) and Indians (22%) had fallen victim to crime over the past six months, as compared to black (9%) and coloured (9%) respondents.

Table 3: Victims of crime in intimate circle (Sept 2006 to March 2007)


Blacks: 32
Whites: 56
Coloureds: 31
Indians: 66


Blacks: 68
Whites: 44
Coloureds: 69
Indians: 34

Source: Markinor survey, March 2007

56% of whites and 66% of Indians said they knew someone in their intimate circle who had fallen victim to crime over the past six months.

Table 4: Individual crime victimisation (Sept 2006 to March 2007)


Blacks: 9
Whites: 20
Coloureds: 9
Indians: 22


Blacks: 91
Whites: 80
Coloureds: 91
Indians: 78

Source: Markinor survey, March 2007

The ISS's 2007 crime victim survey, conducted in Oct-Nov 2007, also found that white (29%) and Indian (32%) respondents were more likely to report having fallen victim to crime over the past twelve months than black (22%) and coloured (25%) respondents.

Table 5: Individual victims of crime Oct 2006 to Oct 2007


Blacks: 22
Whites: 29
Coloureds: 25
Indians: 32


Blacks: 78
Whites: 71
Coloureds: 75
Indians: 68

Source: ISS, National Victimisation Survey, 2007

In a report on these results Michael O'Donovan noted that "contrary to popular perception, the likelihood of being a victim of a crime rises with income. The high rating accorded police by African respondents in general is largely a product of their low victimisation rates which, in turn, reflect higher levels of poverty within the group."

This finding, O'Donavan notes, "is in accordance with other data, like the official crime statistics, which also indicate that poorer areas enjoy lower rates of serious crime. Obviously the levels of victimisation vary by social group, and different communities will be susceptible to different crimes. Poor communities, for example, may experience higher levels of assault and rape, but will not be as vulnerable to vehicle hijacking, bank robberies or business burglaries. Both SAPS statistics on serious offences and the NVS surveys show that wealthier communities and individuals are, in general, more likely to be the victim of crimes."


Thus, all these surveys show that, over the past decade, white (and latterly Indian) South Africans have been "much more likely to be victims of crime" than black South Africans. It is possible that there are other surveys out there which contradict the findings above. Politicsweb did contact four of the signatories asking for the sources for their claims on crime. At the time of publication this had not been supplied.

The results of the surveys above do however accord with other survey results which have found an extremely high fear of crime among these particular racial minorities. If one follows the logic of the signatories of the open letter - that whites and Indians should be less vulnerable because of the "protections and security measures" they are able to afford - what does it say if they are, in reality, more likely to fall victim to crime?

Another question is why over a hundred of our top academics appended their signature to a document without (apparently) interrogating its factual accuracy?

Source: Politicsweb

Media24-meningsvormer pleit vir Afrikaner-selfmoord

Geskryf deur Pieter Oosthuizen

Sondag, 13 September 2009

Genl. Aussares

Nico Smith se ideologiese infeksie vloei uit ‘n dodelike kopwond waarmee hy alle Afrikaners probeer aansteek, met sy propaganda-oorlog teen Afrikaners.

Sou hy daarin slaag om suksesvol te wees met sy sielkundige terreur-aanval, sal alle Afrikaners onverwyld selfmoord pleeg, en sal Nico Smith ongehinderd sy kommunistiese tempel op die ruïnes van die Afrikaners kan bou.

Hierdie arme mens probeer Afrikaners in Beeld wysmaak dat die Afrikaners se kritiek teen alles wat verkeerd is, daartoe gaan lei dat Afrikaners deur die swartes uitgemoor kan word.

Vir Nico en sy ideologiese terreur-trawante moet ons onomwonde sê dat die haglike situasie waarin Suid Afrika hom bevind, die swart regering se skuld is. Suid Afrika bevind hom nie in ‘n haglike situasie omdat Afrikaners daaroor praat nie.

Nico Smith se kommentaar is net so siek soos die van 'n verkragter wat sy slagoffer blameer, en sê dit is haar skuld dat sy verkrag is omdat sy ‘n vrou is.

Dit is Afrikaners se reg om te praat as slagoffers van ‘n rassistiese regering, wat Afrikanermans uit die werkplek hou, en dis Afrikanervrouens se reg om te praat as slagoffers van swart verkragters.

En dit is net soveel die Afrikaners se reg om te praat van die swart regering se mislukkings, as wat dit nie President Zuma se reg was om in Gazankulu te sê dat ‘apartheid tried to kill all the black people’ nie. Want die skole, hospitale, tuislande, weermagte wat ons betaal het, was nie om hulle kwaad aan te doen nie, maar om hulle te help.

As dit Zuma se reg en keuse is om onredelike uitsprake te maak om rassehaat in Suid Afrika aan te blaas, kan Afrikaners seker daarop reageer ?

Tussen Malema, Zuma en Mthetwa het hulle die afgelope week veel vermag om Suid Afrika na die rand van 'n rasse-afgrond te sleep. Mthetwa het in Durban gesê dat Suid Afrika word deur tsotsi’s met geweld en intimidasie geregeer, net soos ‘apartheid regering van destyds’.

As dit so was, wonder ek hoe die drietjies dit oorleef het. Terwyl daar onder blanke regering slegs sowat 260 persone in polisie-aanhouding gesterf het, het daar sedert 1994 meer as 600 aangehoudenes in die polisieselle van die swart regering gesterf.

En dan in ‘n poging om Afrikaners sielkundig te verlam, verwys Smith na wat met die Franse koloniste in Algerië gebeur het, eerstens om Afrikaners subtiel te vertel dat hulle ook “koloniste” is, en tweedens om ons bang te maak.

Wat in Algerië gebeur het, die foltering en geweld teen Algeryne deur die Franse, is dan nog 'n jaar of twee gelede deur generaal Aussares - een van die folteraars en Frankryk se antwoord op Eugene de Kock in die oortreffende trap - in die openbaar onder groot toejuiging verdedig.

Die generaal kry steeds 'n rojale staatspensioen vir sy moeite; hy sit nie in die tronk en vergaan soos Clive Derby-Lewis wat lankal sy straf uitgedien het nie. Al ongerief wat Aussares het nadat hy duisende Arabiere trots doodgemartel het is dat hy nou volprys vir sy treinkaartjie moet betaal, ipv halfprys soos ander afgetrede militêre.

Daarbenewens het die Franse 'n land gehad om na te vlug. Waar is ons moederland?

Hierdie voortdurende houe met die skuldknuppel gaan ANC-aanhangers nog duur te staan kom.

Eerstens is Suid Afrika wettig die land van die Afrikaners wat deur 'n massiewe verkragting van Afrikanervrouens,- en –dogters deur beide Britte en swart Britse troepe, van ons af gesteel was tydens die Tweede Vryheidsoorlog. En tweedens is dit die swart regering se rassisme wat besig is om 'n weersin onder Afrikanergeledere aan te wakker.

Dit is die swart regering en sy getroue propagandamedewerkers wat moet begin ongemaklik rondskuif in hul ‘leuenstoele’, en beddens snags, want as die Afrikaner besluit hy het nou genoeg gehad van onverbloemde haat en rassisme uit die oord van 'n idiotiese swart kommunistiese regering, wat die Afrikanerman sonder uitsondering as die vyand, en persona-non-grata in hul eie land tipeer, gaan Algerië soos ‘n Sondagskoolpiekniek lyk. En dit gaan nie Afrikaners se bloed wees wat vloei nie.

Afrikaners is van die tipe wat vir 80 jaar lank weerstand gebied het teen Spanje, toe Spanje die magtigste militêre moondheid denkbaar was.

Wie dink dat die Afrikaners net gaan sit en toekyk terwyl die swartes uiteindelik weer na Bloedrivier, ‘n kansie waag, 'n ‘tata-ma-chance’ om die Afrikaners uit te roei, kan nie lees nie, of was nie op skool nie.

Na Bloedrivier het die swartes amper 150 jaar gevat om weer die gedagte met die hulp van propagandiste soos Nico Smith, aan die bors te koester. En ook maar net omdat hulle te dom is om die lesse van die geskiedenis te leer.

Dit is wat nog niè met swartes en die swart regering gebeur het nie, dat hulle hul teenwoordigheid in Suid Afrika, en die behandeling van Afrikaners sal moet bedink.

As die swart regering aanhoudend die Afrikaners se geskiedenis vertrap, Afrikaners blameer vir ‘n kastige ‘apartheid’, en ontken dat apartheid-wette deur die Britte geskryf was, ontken dat die ANC uit die staanspoor ‘n organisasie van hoogverraad was, ontken dat die internasionale kommuniste al sedert 1928 daadwerklik gepoog het om ‘n swart kommunistiese beweging in Suid Afrika aan bewind te stel, ontken dat die Afrikaners se land deur swart;- en Britse verkragters deur middel van verkragtings afgevat was, Afrikaners met swart rassistiese wette uit die werkplek hou, en die Afrikaners se nasionale identiteit, -karakter, -kultuur, - taal deurlopend en onophoudelik vernietig; sal dit Afrikaners geen ander keuse laat as om hulself te verdedig nie.

Dis mos moeilikheid soek.

Afrikaners word klaar deur die swart regering as die vyand gesien, geprojekteer en behandel.

Al wat Afrikaners moet doen is om vir die regering te sê : “Goed, julle behandel en vermoor ons soos die vyand. Ons aanvaar julle oorlogsverklaring, en van vandag af is ons in ‘n staat van oorlog gewikkel teen almal wat die Afrikaners as vyande beskou.”

En dit is op die dag wat die gespuis soos Nico Smith maar sy rubberbootjie moet opblaas en begin roei, want ons gaan jou nie laat wegkom langs die pad of lughawens nie.

En hierdie rondte, gaan Afrikaners die Bybels bêre, en die hond, kat, kind, kraai en hoenders, kortom alles op die vyand se werf uitroei.

Die Afrikaners is op pad na die dag wat hulle die oorlogsverklarings van die swart regering langs verskeie weë gaan aanvaar.

Kyk maar wat gebeur die naweek van die 26ste September by Vegkop in Heilbron.

Die Afrikaners is op pad.

En dis nie om te vlug nie, Nico.

Oorsprong: PRAAG