Saturday, 26 September 2009

Mugabe: Remember the Lancaster House discussions Englishman

If you cannot see the embedded video, click here.

In the first interview by a foreign media in many years (see above or here), Robert Mugabe talks to Christiane Amanpour of CNN about how the British government sold out their own people, the white Rhodesians, by giving Mugabe permission at "the Lancaster House discussions" to expropriate their land.

English South Africans should look at Zimbabwe as a harbinger of what is to come for them in South Africa. Is their loyalty to Britain, often at the expense of the Afrikaner, reciprocal?

Soon they will have to choose their allies. Will it be the British, thousands of kilometres away, who sold out the Rhodesians, or the Afrikaners, right here next to them, who are the only white minority group in Africa with a chance to forge a future for white people on the Dark Continent.

We are at the eleventh hour; it is time to choose sides.

What is it going to be Englishman?

by Kwaaitjie Kabouter


I said...

Rhodesia was sold out by the nationalist Afrikaner government headed by John Vorster.

Your use of labels is a form of group narcissism promoting exclusivity which creates polarisation.

My support will be for individual freedom. The justification for the current collective, socialistic stance of the current mismanagement is furthered by your attitude.

David Ben-Ariel said...

Mugabe: Don't speak against farmers with your mouth full!