Sunday, 8 November 2009

Disabled woman assaulted

2009-11-06 14:10

Brits - The wife of a Brits farmer was severely beaten and thrown from her wheelchair in an attack on their farm, North West police said on Friday.

"The woman was in her room when she heard the window opening and saw a firearm pointed at her," Senior Superintendent Kebaakae Metsi said of the attack which took place late on Thursday afternoon.

"As the one suspect pointed the firearm another entered the room, took her firearm and demanded money."

Metsi said the two made off with, among other things, a laptop and cellphones worth R14 280.

Husband tied up

Earlier, the two robbers had held up the farmer and a pastor who were viewing building renovations on a smallholding in the area.

"The same two suspects approached the men, pointing them with a firearm, and tied them up with their shoelaces, belts and a rope," Metsi said.

When the robbers fled that scene, they went to the farmhouse.

While the robbers were ransacking the house, the farmer and pastor untied themselves.

"The farmer got his firearm which was hidden outside...," she said. In a confrontation with the robbers he opened fire and wounded both of them.

Patrolling police heard the shots and proceeded to the farm where the two were arrested and taken to hospital for treatment.

They were expected to appear in court soon.



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