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Jail rape of white South African men a war crime

Written by Sybille.

Gang rape of white men in holding cells in South Africa is a type of war crime.

Gang rapes of white victims in holding cells in South Africa take place on a regular basis and are only reported when some of the victims sue the police and government.

These gang rapes by black inmates in holding cells committed on solitary white victims, are in fact war crimes, acts of aggression in a sexual manner, under conditions of coercion intended to humiliate and degrade the victim, and has nothing to do with sexual gratification.

These white men are usually arrested on spurious charges. Some are arrested for speeding, even though many deny they were in fact speeding. Some are arrested for outstanding fines. Some are arrested for being witnesses to other incidents, one was arrested for crimen injuria which he denies took place. What they all have in common is that they were put in holding cells with large crowds of hardened black criminals who then proceeded to rape them. Some of these men also reported that the black police egged the rapists on to rape them.

Black african males in South-Africa view themselves as victors of a racial war, and view these white men as members of the conquered tribe. In the Congo for example, the Bantu often rape the Pygmies, and sometimes eat the Pygmies as well. Maybe they do both to the same Pygmy, first rape him and then proceed to eat him afterwards. The Bantu claim that they gain supernatural powers by sodomising the Pygmy.

“Wimpie, a white boy who was dabbling with dagga, is put in our cell. I don’t know how old he really is, perhaps 16 or more, but he looks no older than 14, with skinny arms and short, spiky-crowned, brown hair.”

“The 28 gang give him a chocolate bar in the morning and it’s obvious what his eating of it preludes. Still, it is strange how even the minds of paedophilic rapists seem to demand some sort of mechanism by which they can excuse their crimes. They’ve given him a chocolate bar and they are going to enjoy having him repay the kindness.”

“He tries to fight, and so they hit him. His resistance stops abruptly when one grabs the back of his head and smashes his face into the steel bars ...”

“The 20 take it in turns to rape him. It goes on for more than eight hours, almost the whole night. The boy does everything he can, in his pathetic, limited range of action, to try to deter them, but he is ignored. He screams, he cries, he begs, he tries to bargain, he prays.”

“It is in the morning, though, that I am forced to see what life has coughed up before me. What’s left of Wimpie is lying in a corridor between the bunks, just in front of my bed. He is still naked, shivering in a pool of his own blood where they have discarded him. I will literally have to step over the small body to go and eat my breakfast.”

This is a description by Gayton McKenzie, a hardened gang member, of the rape of a young white teenager only known as Wimpie. Where is Wimpie today? Probably dead of Aids, or suicide, as so many male victims of gang rape. If he is alive he might be homeless, addicted to drugs or alcohol as many who do manage to survive the experience. Their lives in ruins around them.

A Diabetic man aged 52 from Primrose, Germiston is suing the minister of security for 4.3 million after being illegally arrested twice and being raped in police custody the second time. He was put into a detention cell with 30 black inmates at the Witbank police station. He described how four men carried him around naked in the cell while the rest sang and danced. The man became so emotional, the court had to wait for him to continue with his testimony. The inmates forced him to kneel over a rolled up mattress, then they proceeded to sodomise him until he later lost consciousness. The case against him was later withdrawn.

Polokwane (Pietersburg) – a local man who was sodomised repeatedly while in police custody lost his job, due to the emotional trauma, and deliver pizzas now to stay alive and keep food on the table for his family. His life is totally in ruins after the attack. Bouwer was on his way home from a friend’s house when his left tyre burst and he hit a light pole and a stoplight. He was taken by ambulance to the Polokwane hospital where he was arrested, and despite being injured in the accident taken to holding cells. He demanded his rights to a phone call but was turned down. In the cell were 25 inmates. Eight of these black men attacked Bouwer and repeatedly raped him. Some held his arms and forced his face into a pillow while they were sodomising him. He was only allowed to call his lawyer the next day when he was finally released on bail. His medical bills were in the thousands of Rands.

Vryheid – A Vryheid game rancher was being sodomised in a police cell while the inmates were singing, the Pietermaritzburg High Court was told on Wednesday. Game rancher, Etienne van Wyk, is claiming R1.2m from the Minister of Safety and Security. Van Wyk and Duvenhage were put into the Hlobane police cells after they were arrested for transporting Van Wyk's game animals without a licence. The suspects in the cells charged with the rape were all hardened criminals predisposed to violence.

A Cape Town businessman was sodomised while in the holding cells in Wynberg magistrate’s court. He later sued the state for damages. The 57 year old professional was arrested and later acquitted. He was held in a cell at Claremont police station over a weekend and later transferred to holding cells at Wynberg for his bail application. At Claremont “I was in a cell with a man who screamed at me non-stop that I was a fucking (wit vark) white pig, I was terrified. After being transferred to Wynberg the man said as soon as the doors to his cell closed he was attacked by a group of men, some armed with knives, who pulled his clothes off and sodomised him. There were about 30 people in the cell and once the door was slammed shut you couldn’t see in or out. There was nothing I could do. All these guys were holding me down. I had no chance. “Your life just basically goes for a ball of shit. I’ve always been a placid person but nowadays I just scream and shout. In 18 years, my partner and I never had a fight, but now everything has changed. The man, who is self-employed, said he couldn’t tell anyone what had happened to him in the cell, but he was haunted by the incident.

Then there are some who never leave these holding cells alive. Like Peter Wheeler a building contractor who was kicked and beaten to death while in custody in Grabouw. According to reports the police told the black criminals in the cell to “teach the white man a lesson.”

Deaths in police custody increased by 15% – press release 26/09/2009

Cape Town – Deaths in police custody rose to 912 in the past year. This is according to the Independent Complaints Directorate. But the ICD says though the figure was up from 791, it could not be read as a sign of an increase in police misconduct. The directorate’s Francois Beukman says when considering the cases carried over from the previous year, the ICD had just more than 11,190 cases to deal with.

According to the Mail and Guardian of Feb 13 2008, More than 800 KZN cops were under investigation for crimes ranging from assault through to rape and murder.

Rape as a strategic weapon of war

The word itself is derived from the Latin "rapere" meaning to steal, seize or carry away.

In ancient wars and societies, male rape in times of war was considered an absolute right of the victorious soldiers to declare the totality of the enemy’s defeat and to express their own power and control.

It has been used as a weapon of war and a means of punishment in many non-Christian cultures. In the military context, there was a widespread belief that when a victorious soldier emasculated a vanquished enemy and sexually penetrated him, the victim would lose his manhood and couldn’t be a warrior or ruler again.

T.E.Lawrence or Lawrence of Arabia was, for instance, raped on the orders of the Ottoman governor by Turks and exhibited all the classic symptoms of the male rape survivor.

Workaholism, depression, anger, increased sense of vulnerability, destructive self image, emotional distancing.

Effects of rape on the male psyche

Rape Trauma Syndrome (RTS) has only been recognised and described in the past two decades. This affects all victims of sexual assault even if the rape hasn’t been completed.

Even verbal sexual aggression without physical coercion, often experienced by prisoners can leave the victim psychologically damaged.

For male survivors of physical rape, the disorder is likely to be severe and often life-threatening.

Males perceive that few other males are victims of sexual violence and that makes them very isolated.

Then on top of so many other issues, males face the unique situation in that they feel “tainted” by homosexuality.

This is one of the main reasons few men report being raped. Especially if the aggressor succeeded in getting a physiological response of involuntary ejaculation from the victim.

The victims feel that their identity as a male has been compromised or totally destroyed. This is usually the motivation of the rapist.

Suicidal impulses are so common among males who have recently experienced rape, that any victim should be presumed suicidal until a mental health professional determines this not to be the case.

Disasociation is a defense mechanism which can be employed during painful physical or psychological abuse which is impossible to escape. It is a survival technique and provide feelings of leaving one’s body, making the trauma harder to remember.

The first stage of RTS is usually charachterised by the following symptoms.

Numbness, withdrawal, slurred or inaudiable speech and denial or disbelief of the experience.

Some victims are visibly upset and highly emotional, sometimes extremely stressed and terrified with feelings of helplesslness and vulnerability, shame, humiliation and extreme embarrassment.

Concentration may be lost, the memory even impaired for a time. This stage can last for a week.

The second stage is characterised by the same symptoms as the first week and then some new ones.

Feelings of worthlessness, self blame for the victimization and the sense of being a failure.

Disturbances in sexual functioning, personal boundaries are confused, relationships are conflicted.

Fear of going insane.

Social isolation since the victim fears he is totally alone and cut off from normal society.

Ambivalence towards females.

Resistance to intimacy.

Due to normal physiological responses like involuntary erection or ejaculation, the victim can feel he might have deserved to be assaulted.

During the third stage, the suppressed rage surfaces and may lead to violent aggressive behaviour.

Obsession with vengeange.

Belligerence to authority since it is usually in an institution, for instance a jail cell where the rape occurred and the victim was at the mercy of his aggressors due to being let down by those supposedly in authority.

Substance abuse is common.

Aggressive assertion of masculinity, including rape in some cases.

Of course the worst aspect of this is that the victims are often given a life sentence as many are infected with Aids. This might be another reason why the rape occurs. To infect the victim deliberately with Aids. Another war crime in this genocide of whites in South-Africa.


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