Sunday, 24 January 2010

Neutrality in the face of evil: An open letter to Viv and other neutrals

Written by Sybille.

This woman, Viv, and others like her are the reason the carnage on whites in South Africa continue and is in fact increasing. Please read her words which was published in News24. In my view she proves herself to be one of the people Dante gave the following warning to.

“The hottest place in hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of crises.”

What kind of person can this “Viv” be? How can she remain unmoved by the carnage around her? Daily, white people are being slaughtered in blood baths and orgies of hate and violence across South Africa. And she asks why so much hate? It is whom she asks this question of that determines her moral corruptness. She is not asking this question of the blacks who slaughter white people. She is asking white people who are the victims of the carnage why do they hate.

This shows that she expects them to be as neutral as she is herself in the face of evil. Just lay back and be raped white South-Africa, just lie still while your throat is slit, your child shot, your livelihood goes up in flames, your blood runs out of your body, resembling a colander after being shot to pieces by armed black gangs. Just be neutral while you starve, and worse, just be neutral and smile and “tolerate” black on white crime while your own white brothers and sisters starve in white squatter camps.

No I am wrong, people like her arent asking for “neutrality”, they actually demand that we love and tolerate our own slaughter. That like whipped curs, we lick the boots of our murderers.

Instead of denouncing what some of these blacks are doing, people like her ask us to love what they do. To love the hand that slits a white throat.
But of course people like her pretend these crimes are colour blind, they refuse to see them as the virulent hatred the black perpetrators hold for their white victims.

In the same week that this absurd woman, a slave of cultural Marxism makes this extraordinary demand on us that we must love our butchers, Kitty Botha dies. I am sure if Viv and her supporters who left a lot of sanctimonious twaddle in the comment section about interracial love, ever saw the article of Kitty’s death, they would have turned the page, unmoved.

Here was an old woman, one of the vulnerable that a society is supposed to protect and love and respect as we have been taught. It has always been part of our Western European culture to protect the feeble, the old and the very young. But black men tore down her security gate, killed her, and her beloved dachshund, then burned her house. On the wall a pair of praying hands with the words underneath: “God slaap nie”, God isn’t sleeping” was spared the soot and fire.

A photograph of Kitty Botha and the handwritten sign “God slaap nie” on her wall.

God didn’t let her down, we let her down, people who profess to be civilized and yet remain neutral to her and the thousands of other Kitty’s deaths. It also wasn’t some white men who came to kill Kitty and others like her. Face it, it was black African men.

By next week a hundred other white deaths will have obliterated Kitty’s. She will be just a number, part of the statistics. FORGOTTEN AND UNMOURNED.

Yet people like this Viv person seem to tell me, if I am to be a good person, I must love Kitty's killers. I shouldn’t love and protect her and other old people. This is obvious since you can’t love her killers AND love her and other old people who are the victims of these savage killers. Nobody can sit on two stools. You have to make a choice as to what and whom to love and support.

Either Kitty or Kitty’s killers.

If you love good, truth and reason you hate what destroys it. Because the fact is, if you do love those old people and respect them, you must hate and despise those who harm them.

That is moral, that is just and right. Because they are the innocent and the blacks who killed her are the evildoers.

Do you remember the killing of Kayla, the one year old baby who died next to her mother, who lay there dying, having to listen to the last sounds her baby made as she choked on her own blood?

Show me.. show me where the black South Africans have denounced this, or the murder of Kitty. Or the murder of the thousands upon untold thousands of whites since 1994. Show me where is their outrage of the genocide of whites.

There are none.. nothing.. you almost never see blacks condemn the murderers and thieves amongst themselves. In fact.. it is obvious that they create a market for the millions if not billions of Rands worth of goods stolen from whites and even other blacks, since without a market for stolen goods, there would not be this massive crime wave.

And what then becomes obvious, is that they probably support the killing of whites, else they would surely recoil in horror from their own brothers who commit these evil deeds, and deliver them over to justice. Show me where blacks ever deliver their own over to the police if they have killed a white person. Oh yeah.. they will hunt down and kill a black criminal if he rapes or robs another black. But not for the killing of a white person. We are the enemy, that is how they see us. And we should better understand this if we want to survive.

Black silence about black on white crime also clearly indicate that they at least passively support the slaughter, along with people like this “Viv” who will most likely end up retreating with her passport to some other western country where she can go and spout forth her insane drivel again.

So my question to the Viv’s out there is: What is wrong with you? Why don’t you hate evilness, darkness of spirit in the form of bloodlust, ignorance, savagery and real intolerance as exhibited by the killers of Kitty and Kayla?

Link to Viv's article on News24:


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Anonymous said...

Amen! Girl. Good for your guts to tell the truth. Thanks for saying
your say in English. That way I could "copy and paste" and send it to quite a few Americans too.

KEEP GOING STRONG. You are a gem!