Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Woman uses lamp as weapon against robber

February 18 2010 at 07:19AM

By Hanti Otto

Court Reporter

When an armed man entered her bedroom, Hester Kok, then aged 68, shouted and threw her bedside lamp at the intruder.

The man quickly retreated.

However, seconds later her son-in-law was shot nine times as he fought off the attackers in the family's Pretorius Park home.

The robbers fired about 20 shots in the passage on that night in April 2008.

Romeo Maota Nkwagatse, 24, and Jonas Masemola, 27, have pleaded not guilty to two charges of attempted murder, one of robbery with aggravating circumstances, the pointing of a firearm and the unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition.

Ephraim Mawela Msimango was also arrested, but escaped.

Kok told the Pretoria Regional Court on Wednesday that she woke at about 1.30am on April 15 to close her bedroom window. Then she went back to bed.

"The next moment I heard my bedroom door slowly opening. I saw the silhouette of a man in the light through the window. He had a cap on, pointing a firearm at my face.

"I shouted and threw the bedside lamp at him. He went out of the door," Kok, who turned 70 last week, recalled.

She got out of bed and locked the door.

"Then I heard several shots in the passage. I feared that my whole family was shot."

However, when her son-in-law Jannie Fourie called her, she opened the door.

"He lay on the floor, there was blood everywhere. But I thanked the Lord when I realised everyone was still alive."

Although it was dark and she could not see the attacker too clearly, Kok said he had the "same piercing eyes" as Msimango.

The attackers took Fourie's cellphone and his wallet which had R90 in it.

The trial continues in April.


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