Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Cheap forgiveness and plastic saints

Written by Sybille.

I see a lot of what I call cheap forgiveness going on today. This is a fake coin, not the real genuine article. People are told by false prophets and even cheaper self appointed lifestyle guru’s that they can only find “peace” after losing someone they love, at the hands of a black criminal, if they “forgive” the snivelling hyena.

Because make no mistake, these murderous scum, who will bite your face off as soon as they look at you, know very well how to put up a fake act of contrition. They also know that if they say “sorry” after subjecting your elderly grandmother to hours of deliberate savage torture, it will be sufficient to redeem them in the eyes of what passes for the law today. So while laughing at you in their evil hearts they will manage to pull a long face and say “sorry”. What’s easier than that? You get years off your sentence and the victim’s relatives will come and give you a bear hug on top of it all and beg the court to make sure they make you wear an undershirt in jail so you don’t catch a cold.

All you have to do is say “sorry”.

Will it work too if you go and rob the mint of all it’s gold bars? Not very likely, since it seems people take money and gold more seriously than the lives of those they profess to love.

In Amy Biehl’s case it was even worse. After her vicious blood chilling murder, her parents went and cried a river over the sad lives of her killers, when they embraced and sobbed over them in court. They even set up a foundation so the killers could benefit financially in the future as well. Excuse me, I wonder if anyone bothered crying over Amy at all?

Ironically, one of her killers later went on to become a rapist as well.

And people call this love? Spare me from love like this at all costs. I would hope that someone who loves me, would hate the S.O.B. who killed me in cold blood and I also would want justice and revenge on top of it.

This is why we used to live in peaceful, civilised societies. We knew that to keep them that way, we had better make sure that the twisted souls amongst us are aware that we have a society that demands punishment for them having their spot of fun torturing our grandmothers. And this punishment usually involved them doing a two-step at the end of a rope and good riddance too.

We used to live closer to nature as well then, and we realised without expressing it in words that society is better off without genes like that polluting the gene pool.

Anyone can go and look up the statistics for murder when we had capital punishment and compare it to today.

People always used to have these little discussions on whether punishment prevent crime, well I think we know now which side won, in hindsight.

Not that I suggest we bring back the death sentence today, not with the mentality of the people who rule over.

With the advent of atheism, fake forgiveness and moral relativism, they will most likely hang you for not being politically correct instead. So I for one will definitely not carry a placard demanding they bring back capital punishment.

But to return to fake forgiveness, obviously the person who pretends to “forgive” the offender who killed his nearest and dearest, is fooling himself. It’s just not possible for a person to have a beloved die in such a horrible traumatic way as deliberate murder, then go on and in the space of sometimes days or months, go and give the killer a hug saying you understand that they were potty trained too early/not potty trained at all and therefore you understand their terrible trauma, and it’s ok that they took it out on granny who had nothing to do with their potty training in the first place. Or maybe she wore the same lavender sweater or eau de cologne that their own abusive mother wore?

Whatever, it’s insane, and not true forgiveness. And anyway, what is wrong with hate? I would much rather have someone express their genuine outrage and hatred to my face then have them tell me how they actually love me and pray for me while it’s obvious they hate my guts and hope I rot in hell.

We live in this “holier than thou” climate where everyone is a fake plastic saint, who actually seemingly look forward to being transgressed against, so they can “fake forgive” you. Maybe it gives them virtual angel wings or something? If so, I doubt they will fly very high on such cheap imitation wings before they crash back down to earth. Well I shouldn’t say they look forward to being transgressed against themselves. I rather think these people value their own skin. They would prefer throwing someone else to the lions.

Seems to me it’s just another ego trip and nothing more, and that is what these people get high on. “Look at me” they seem to say “I am so much better, nicer, kinder than anyone else. I have forgiven the man who spent five hours torturing my old granny”. No matter she went through seven different kinds of hell. All that matters is ME, and my self-esteem. By forgiving her killer I get to see people look at me in amazement at what a huge heart I have. I can love my tortured dead granny AND her killer. ME, ME, ME. I have room enough in my heart for an entire bus full of jailbirds, AND a truckload of bovine scat. (Bullshit in words that are less kind.)

To forgive you must be able to put yourself in the shoes of the killer and say “There but for the grace of God go I.” If someone can tell me they genuinely can put themselves in the shoes of someone who will ask an old lady for a cup of water and then force his way inside her home and rape and torture her for hours, well then I will show you another psychopath just like your grandmother’s killer.


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