Tuesday, 30 March 2010

‘Cop rape’ victim’s trauma

Published: 3/28/2010 21:27:49


JOHANNESBURG - Six months ago, uniformed policemen allegedly raped Martie Olivier violently after pulling her husband over for a traffic misdemeanour.

The Oliviers have lost everything since then and Martie still hasn’t found justice.

Her husband, Sarel Olivier, has become severely disillusioned with the justice system and believes that the SA Police Service and the Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD) are working together to sweep the matter under the carpet.

“The experience has changed our lives forever,” said Sarel who was forced to flee Witbank after repeated death threats.

“It’s been six months and things are still incredibly difficult for us. Since the attack, we’ve lived in three different places and I’ve had to change jobs four times. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.”

Two uniformed police officers allegedly bundled Sarel into the back of a police van on October 24 when he was stopped for turning into the driveway of a Kempton Park house and reversing to make a U-turn.

When he was let out of the back of the van about 30 minutes later, Martie – who had given birth two months before – was “in a state of shock”. Her underwear was torn, she was trembling and bleeding between her legs.

She said one of the policeman had pulled off about 150m from the police station and raped her.

Sarel “lost it completely” and was detained at the police station after a brawl with on-duty policemen.

During the fracas, one of the cops allegedly returned to the car, bashed Martie’s head onto the dashboard and took the semi-conscious woman to a house where she was repeatedly raped.

Martie was eventually dropped off on a patch of grass at a nearby college. Sarel found her at 7.20am the next day wandering the streets barefoot about 3km from the Kempton Park police station. He barely recognised her. Her lips were swollen and split, she had a large bump on her head, was suffering from concussion, her eyes were bruised, her knee badly injured, her underwear “in tatters” and her dress soiled with blood and semen.

The couple and their three child- ren went into hiding after receiving death threats for reporting the matter. Now, not even their lawyers know where they live.

The ICD says its probe is nearing completion and DNA samples were sent for testing. But the Oliviers’ lawyer, Delia de Vries, says the case is going nowhere. “I won’t let this one go, this is such an atrocity, it’s worse than torture,” she said.

Source:The Citizen

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