Thursday, 18 March 2010

Game farm dream becomes a bloody nightmare

Hanti Otto

March 16 2010 at 09:00AM

When he retired, it was Albert van Deventer's dream to build a house for himself and his wife on a game farm. But on Saturday, armed men killed the 64-year-old and assaulted his wife.

Van Deventer was shot at about 7pm when he went outside to move the sprinkler. He was shot in the face from close range. It was the second time he had moved the sprinkler that evening, which led his family to think his attackers were lying in wait.

After the attackers killed Van Deventer, they ran to the kitchen, where his wife Hannetjie was. They tied her up, blindfolded her and dragged her around.

"They asked for the keys to the gun safe where my dad kept his hunting rifles. They also wanted money," daughter Liza said.

Her mother was assaulted and threatened until the attackers left her tied up. They left with Van Deventer's bakkie, the safe and cellphones.

This article was originally published on page 2 of The Star on March 16, 2010



Anonymous said...

Gazza wrote :
Yet another racist attack fueled by Malema. Its no secret that these attacks are planned to drive the boer from the land and by keeping quiet, the ANC are sanctioning them. Who are the bigger racists?

Anonymous wrote :
A slippery slope towards chaos, gaining momentum by the day. We left 13 years ago, now in Sydney Australia and love the first world standards but still miss SA.

We will never go back due to the senseless savagery that is now apparently publicly endorsed by the increasingly bloodthirsty ANC.

Look to Zimbabwe people, those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

God save SA.

Anonymous wrote :
Div was a man without hatret. A loving family man who respected and was well respected by all black and white. An honest hard man who did not deserve the cowardly deed by criminals who are set to destroy this country and its farming community. He was a man of his word and was involved with combatting crime for a large part of his life. One of the most caring men to all his workers and those that were fortunate enough to have met him in life. My heartfelt sympathy to his wife and daughters.


Dagwood wrote :
Its a pity .We miss South Africa.We moved 8 years ago and would love to come back to a country that we love soooo much. Unfortunitly its impossilble to return or invest in a country that is not safe. I have always been positive in the out come of South Africa.I have this papers website as my home page and read it everyday.Sadly I 'm slowly relizing that I may never be able to come home again,due to the unrest. I believe many South African would return if it was safe to live in. AA and many other problems is small concern and can be lived with.South Africa find peace.

donorfatigued wrote :
No coincidence at all that this attack follows malema's racist calls for killing!

The mind of many blacks is so weak that they will follow such a 'leader's' calls to the letter - or they will be mightily encouraged and emboldened by such calls.

The solution? - the ANC must be removed by whatever means available.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote :

Anonymous wrote :
Africa oh Africa!! What a wonderful country! It's time to lay down differences and bring justice and law and order..We showed the world how to vote peaceably for a country we love AND a rainbow nation!!STOP the KILLINGS NOW!! Let us not be prisoners of the past Let us be pioneers of the future!!Come on!SA has SO much to offer ......Let ALL Africans lobby our government for an end to violence...

Roddy wrote :
@ Sue Kruger! You got it right! This country has become a safe haven to the rest of Africa! Any one wanting to commit crime just looks South and there you have it! Besides when these guys are caught they get bail regardless, and history has proved that over and over again! Look at the ring leader of the Rolex gang, out on bail! No problem! Back on the streets carrying on his trade of criminal activities and our justice system has yet again failed us all! This country is in crisis!

Eish wrote :
@ are correct that this is not a recent problem, and that blacks also get murdered....However, the fact that the ANCYL President sings "kill the boer" makes the situation worse.....and the President of the ANC (and of South Africa) allows him to continue doing so.....That is what is the most frightening.....There is so much that the Government is doing well (roads, infrastructure, SWC, SARS, etc) but the loud mouthed idiots are spoiling it for all, and creating unnecessary friction between the various cultures in SA....Our leaders (including Cabinet Members and the President) need to be seen to be leading.

DD wrote :
I hold Eurpean citizenship - through marriage. I have never once thought of using it - until now (esp since Julius M). I see the hatred in people's eyes when I am at a robot in my car - because I have and they don't. It took me 15 years of hard work before I was able to by myself a second hand AUDI in cash. I have taken on the honour (not responsibility) of a family who live with me and will be assisting them to put their daughter through school next year. It is an honour because I am blessed enough to be in a position to do so - I love my country and the people in it - but I am petrified half the time. We are getting our passports ready.

Anonymous said...

Eish wrote :
KILL THE BOER......JULIUS ------ your followers are listening to you.....But we should not be "over sensitive" according to Mantashe......So please do not be "over sensitive" when someone starts singing "Kill Malema".....What is good for the black racist is good for the white racist.

Anonymous wrote :
As more and more people dispose of once-legal firearms, crime will increase. It happened in other countries such as UK and Australia. Why not here?

Anonymous wrote :
Such are problems facing society and they also happen in African homes.

Maybe the day that the Boer opens their eyes and realise that to out root crime we need to engage on a joint venture and work together.
Maybe the day they realise that not only Africans or government is responsible for preventing crime.
Maybe then at that time they will enjoy a taste of Africa.
I think it's high time a Boer and other members of the African society question him/herself on how he or she is contributing towards provoking crime.

In conclusion, pinpointing and blaming Malema does no good cause we all know such incidents have been happening even before he was appointed as a leader.

sg wrote :
To all those ANC supporters , what the bloody hell is wrong with this country and where is it going. How can any sitting president condone violent rhetoric and sweep racial jibes under the carpet.If the average ANC supporter cannot tell wrong from right then there is no hope. They only thing going for them is greed at the expense of the majority which seems blindfolded most of the time. Welcome to the new Ruling Bourgiose where all types of crime is accepted only if you are ANC.

Anonymous wrote :
Canada and other countries will soon take in more asylum seekers....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote :
Kill the Boer er? What is that now, 8 this year? 6 in Limpopo, the home town of one Julius Malema. How dare black people call white people in this country racist ever again!! defend your farms!!(Edited by IOL)

Anonymous wrote :
To think i read this website everyday and there is NO GOOD NEWS ever. It makes one sick to the core that our children must grow up in a country where CRIME rules. I dont even fo out ant night. MY DEEPEST SYMPATHY to this family and friends, MAY GOD HOLD YOU IN THE PALM OF HIS HANDS in this difficult time.
Last but not least, stop giving criminals bail, like the one policeman said SHOOT TO KILL! Its not fair What about I shudder to think of the world cup bing here!

Sue Kruger wrote :
Yep, kill the boer, kill the farmer.$ attacks in one weekend.We should all hold motor mouth Malema responsible.Zimbabwe/Rwanda, Ring a bell?I also blame illegals as we have enough of our crime and unemployment of our own, now we have to put us with double. Get like the rest of the world and get rid of the ones that dont have good job offers. Keep the ones that benefit the country only