Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Gruesome attack on F State family

2010-03-23 08:49

Vicus Bürger

Bloemfontein – A Free State family of five are reeling in horror after being attacked by six men wielding spades and knives.

"It was like something out of a horror story," said Johan van Vuuren after the family was attacked in what he called a "monstrously cruel" way in his parents' home in Jagersfontein.

His parents, Boet, 80, and Francina, 77, brothers Marius, 44, and Marthinus, 35, and nephew Juan, 13, were attacked on Sunday evening in their home in Harrington Street by six men wielding spades and knives.

The attackers left behind a blood-splattered house.

Boet and Marius were badly assaulted although both were in wheelchairs, due to a spinal chord virus and a car accident injury.

After Johan, an employee in the logistical department of Grootvlei prison at Bloemfontein, received the call about the attack, he rushed to Jagersfontein.

But he was not prepared for awaited him at the house.

"There was blood against the walls and on the floor."

In addition, almost the whole house was turned upside down.

Johan told how his family members in Jagersfontein had just finished watching the news on TV when his mother opened the front door for the dogs.
The attackers rushed into the house, grabbed her and used her as a shield.

Johan said his father always had his .22 calibre pistol with him.

"My father wanted to shoot but couldn't. He was scared he might hit my mom."

The family members were stabbed with knives, assaulted with spades and kicked.

"Marius was knocked out of his wheelchair with a spade," said Johan.

One of the attackers wrestled with Boet to take his weapon. It was grabbed from his hand and one of his fingers was broken.

He was forced to unlock the safe, from which the attackers stole R38 000.

The attackers fled with the money, pistol and other items.

"It is inhuman," said Marthinus on Monday from his hospital bed at the National Hospital in Bloemfontein.

Johan said his mother was in a coma and had bleeding on the brain. She was in the intensive care unit of the Pelonomi Hospital.

No one has yet been arrested.

- Volksblad


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