Friday, 30 April 2010

Boy 'pray-phones' murdered dad

2010-04-29 22:34
Hilda Fourie, Beeld

Pretoria - "I hope you're happy, Daddy, and that you're nice and warm."

That's how 8-year-old Dirk Human jnr prayed for his murdered father, also named Dirk, on Wednesday evening.

Dirk's mother told him about the death of his father when he came home from school on Wednesday afternoon.

"I told Dirk that robbers came into the house and that his daddy was badly hurt, so hurt that he went to heaven and won't come back," his mother, Youlanda Human, 37, said on Thursday.

On the night of the murder Dirk jnr anxiously told his mother that he wants to phone his dad but doesn't know his cellphone number.

When she told Dirk that he can't phone him, he asked if he could "pray-phone" his dad. Then they prayed.

"Later, he asked me if his daddy is also in his heart like Jesus is."

'Tsotsis' in the house

On Wednesday at about 07:30, shortly after dropping Dirk off at school, Youlanda raced back to their house on a smallholding in Mooiplaats, in the east of Pretoria.

Her domestic worker's husband had phoned her to say there were "tsotsis" in the house.

When she arrived at home, members of the local neighbourhood watch and paramedics were already there. The paramedics were battling to save her husband's life.

Her husband was severely assaulted when an unknown number of criminals attacked him and their domestic worker, Lettie Lebina.

Lebina was locked in a room while the criminals assaulted and presumably stabbed him in the face with a sharp object.

'I can still see his face'

The couple's youngest son, 2-year-old Jake, was sitting calmly in his cot while the criminals assaulted his father.

While the paramedics were busy with her husband, Youlanda held his hand, talked to him and prayed. He was pronounced dead at approximately 08:20.

While she held his hand, she kept thinking that he can't die yet because, a few months ago, he'd started a journey with God and she believed he still had work to do on earth.

"I just hoped there would be a heartbeat or something, because he had so much to live for.

"I can still see his face before me, how he was lying there. I can feel his blood in my hands."

- Beeld


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