Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Crime: 'Plant-a-cross' demo

2010-04-26 22:59
Michael Hamlyn

Cape Town - The deputy minister of agriculture and Freedom Front Plus leader is planning to lead a motorcade on Tuesday from Klerksdorp to Potchefstroom for a ceremony of planting crosses to highlight how many victims of crime there have been in the country.

Announcing the cross planting on Monday, Mulder referred to the attack in Randburg in which a one-year-old child and her care giver were seriously injured.

"For which reason, other than hate and/or political motives would any person attack a baby?" Mulder asked.

"A small baby cannot in any way have hindered criminals or acted to their detriment in their attempted crime."

The Parliamentary leader of the FF+, Pieter Groenewald, who is also spokesperson on police matters, urged people to strengthen the FF+'s hand "and come plant a cross as a symbol of the murdered people".

He added: "It is supposed to be Freedom Day but the Afrikaners are not free when they are being murdered."

I-Net Bridge (News24)


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