Friday, 30 April 2010

Horrible crimes

by Ian Rhodes
2010-04-29 09:51

Dear Editor,

Just when I think that the criminal element cannot become any more barbaric in the perpetration of their crimes I find to my even greater horror that I was wrong.

The tableau of horror just seems to expand even more with a tiny baby and her minder being mercilessly beaten to near death, another baby watching from a cot as it's father bleeds to death on the floor next to him, twenty five defenceless animals having their legs hacked off and allowed to die in agony, a young boy being set on fire by school bullies, and so it goes on!

What has become of our society and where will this all end? Or have we just reached a stage in our so called evolution where we revert to becoming unthinking, uncaring, barbarians with no conscience driven by sex, drugs and greed?

Is it that the actions of the criminal element will just escalate, each outdoing the other in the violence used, with there being no real accountability for wrongdoing until we find ourselves in absolute hell on earth?

If we do not stop and take stock of what is happening in this country, and take immediate and positive steps to eradicate this plague, I fear there is little or no hope for us.

Ian Rhodes

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