Sunday, 18 April 2010

Malema: Without owning land, voting means nothing

2010-04-17 18:00

Colesberg - Without owning land, voting in South Africa means nothing, ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema told a youth rally in the Northern Cape on Saturday.

Malema told the crowds that South Africans did not own their own country.

"This land belongs to foreigners," he said. He said people needed land to feed themselves and to do business as citizens.

The so-called willing buyer, willing seller system was not helping the government in the land redistribution program.

"You need land to do everything. Without land voting means nothing," he said.

Malema said South Africans can vote until they are purple.

He said as long as they did not have the economy of South Africa their votes were useless.

"You vote and you still go beg," he said.

Malema said people have voted every five years in the past and still workers get beaten and killed by farmers, because they do not own those farms.

He said the country's political freedom would mean nothing if a practical programme of intervention on property issues was not decided.

He said people in townships were still squatting in property which they call land.

Opposite this, he said, were people with small families who owned huge land as "big as countries."

Malema said he was told one should not talk politics of land and property or nationalisation because it would scare investors away.

"They invest in countries where there are civil wars. " he said, adding that people should not believe the "lies" that investors would be scared off by talks of nationalisation.

Malema said Investors did not care about people and that they were interested in making profit.

He also said if investors were to leave, the Chinese would come in.

"The Chinese will work with anybody," he said.



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