Thursday, 22 April 2010

Smoke without fire

by Greg Saunders
2010-04-21 11:35

Do not stress all’s well in SA. I see lots of ostriches with their heads in the sand these days - even a flag around the neck. Ever noticed how the ostrich skin has a somewhat blue tint? This may be due to a lack of oxygen down there in the sand. And no, there is no such thing as a blue ostrich bull.

The feathers of our ostrich nation are black and white, with more black of course and a few different shades in between. However, a wolf is a smelly long toothed creature on its own.

Am I paranoid over a rainbow, or are the things happening around me a reality? Some say it’s just “cry wolf” and I should not pay attention to it. Yet, I see the doings of the wolves in our midst. They rip apart innocent and uninformed head-in-the-sand ostriches. I myself was bitten a few times. They say not to worry, things are alright. On whose side are those trying to pacify me - ostrich or wolf? It’s just that these things started happening long ago and these wolves are getting more openly aggressive and bent on their destruction.

Strange that a wolf pup, having so much still to learn is able to lead the pack by the nose. It is so contrary to the nature and ranking of the pack. He even ventures into the territory of another pack to learn about nationalisation, whatever that means to him. They say he is no threat. But when the moon shines, he howls attack songs with the pack and they say not to worry, the words don’t mean what they say. In other words, wolves don’t eat ostriches.

A young ostrich practices democratic journalism and gets called a bastard by the pup. This has something to do with an ostrich not having a dad, or mom, or something like that. Then he shouted at him “you agent!” I was not aware that the ostrich was a 007 - just shows you. Not to worry they say, the pup is just barking.

I’m choking a bit on this “be positive” thing. Reminds me of the story of the froggy in the pot. It swims until the water gets too hot, dies and flops over. That’s how you know it boiled to death without realising that the water was getting hotter. He was probably positive and with all the advice on being positive, I can see the froggy boiling to pieces and then they tell me “look at those little froggies swimming around”. The there are some ostriches that don’t believe in frogs, but that they are actually elephants and the word mamparra comes to mind.

How about ostrich stew and are we in the pot or out? My neighbour up the street gets brutally murdered and I’m even more positive; is that being politically correct? In whose kitchen does one learn that? I was probably in the woodwork class during that lesson.

Some ostriches shout that others must stop whining and start doing something about the situation. Why don’t they start first and show us how to do it? As an individual I stand strong in my faith and so on, but as for our politics, I just don’t know anymore. Ever seen ostriches feeding on pebbles and stones? Their heads bop up and down and the stones come out the other end, but still stones. Maybe a bit shiny, but it’s the same as the way people address the current problems - just polishing them.

Then there are some churches with their heads snug in the sand. All the while they are supposed to execute the Biblical command to pray for the nation and authorities. Nope, rather pray for a good export crop of genetically engineered mielies and a closet full of shoes for the pastor’s wife.

Come voting day, I want to change the country with my vote from under the sand. I run from one little herd of ostriches to another - ag no man, who do I actually vote for? Some herds are covered in feathers, but it reeks of wolf.

I scratch head over the saying that where there is smoke, there is fire. Can one get smoke without a fire? Then some informed ones recon we are sitting on a crate that can explode at any moment. To which jackal’s tail is this fuse tied?

The smoke burns my eyes, but they say all’s well. Come; rather stick your head in the sand. There is no smoke down here and you can see how they kick a ball in ostrich land. Just be positive, all will come right by itself.


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