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'Stop the boer genocide'

April 23 2010 at 07:37PM

An ultra-right wing group calling for an end to "genocide in South Africa", referring to the killing of whites, burned a South African flag during a protest march to the embassy in Stockholm, an embassy official confirmed on Friday.

The protesters - between 50 to 60 people - marched to the South African embassy in Stockholm on Saturday, April 17, said the embassy's first secretary-political, Eden Reid.

The protest march by the Swedish Resistance Movement - a fringe, Neo-Nazi organisation - culminated in the movement placing the embers of the flag and a leaflet in the embassy's post box.

The leaflet read: "Since 1994 more than 3 000 white farmers have been murdered in the 'rainbow nation' South Africa.

"Apart from this, violence is directed against whites in general because of their race. Brutal murders and rapes have increased by 25 percent since 2005 and robberies are more rule than exception."

It added that the leader of the ANC Youth League "is singing songs about how to 'kill the Boer, kill the farmer'."

This was a reference to ANCYL president Julius Malema who became embroiled in a furore over his singing of a struggle song with the words "shoot the boer" in it.

"... And this in a country that will host the soccer World [Cup] in two months.

"The governments of the world, including the Swedish, are supporting this terrorist regime inciting the ongoing genocide.

"This summer, will you be watching soccer from a country where the government is urging on the genocide of whites? Will you ignore the murders of your race kindred?"

Reid said the embassy was fully briefed about the protest by the Swedish police and added that it proceeded peacefully with "more police than protesters" present.

While the embassy was closed on Saturday, Reid went into the office to monitor the situation. She commended the Swedish police's handling of the protest.

Protesters carried the "Vierkleur" flags and that of the SRM. They also carried a portrait of the murdered leader of the AWB, Eugene Terre'Blanche, who it "honoured" during the protest.

A banner read: "Stop the boer genocide" in bright red ink, with the ANC's emblem beside it and a large panga in the background.

According to an account of the protest on the SRM website, the movement had a brief run-in with a "leftist mob", holding their own "counter-demonstration".

Once outside the embassy, they also "ripped the ANC flag in anger, to give a hint of his feeling about the presence of the ANC in Sweden!", the site read.

Reid said the embassy understood that the SRM did not enjoy popular support in Sweden, which she described as a "cosmopolitan, tolerant" society.

Terre'Blanche's death on April 3 at his farm in Ventersdorp prompted fears of a right wing backlash, however, the threat by AWB members to avenge his death was later retracted.

The organisation back-tracked saying emotions were high at the time.

ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe last week raised concern over the "apparent rise of the right wing" in South Africa.

"It is our responsibility to pay attention to that issue because where I am seated I think that is the most clear and glaring challenge facing our movement today, as we sit here," Mantashe said.

He said the right wing had used Malema as a "trigger" to push its own agenda.

Brandishing the "Vierkleur" and the apartheid era flags should not be dismissed as a "small issue".

"It is an express defiance of progress and the intention to reverse progress... their intention is going to be exposed without any scapegoat from ourselves," he said at the time. - Sapa



Anonymous said...

IOL Reader Comments:

Bolander wrote:

Yeah, right..... "Have your say" IOL isn't interested in posting anybody's comments if it proves the article to be incorrect. I posted my comment, without hatespeech, without swearing, just factual last night. Why wasn't it posted?

Maybe because I pointed out that there were more than 100 protesters? Maybe because I said that Genocide Watch International has listed South Africa as a country running the risk - which is a fact, just check the list posted on Genocide Watch's website.

This is why alternative news sources are so successful - because the public has learned that the mainstream news media doesn't tell us what is going on.

Karen wrote:

Ag please! wrote:

I am not right wing at all, but the very fact that genocide seems to be possible should have all of us up in arms!

Kevin rack wrote:

Its not race but our use of violence to solve issues.
The ANC are using foot soldiers to move famers off the land, 3 000 white farmers murdered since 1994.
It is safer to be a soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan than a farmer in South Africa.
Farmers like old people and township dwellers are soft targets for criminals

Sue K wrote:

White South Africans are living in fear.Even those non racial ones who dreamed of a rainbow nation with our black brothers are being brutally murdered, our wives raped and our babies bashed to a pulp.I do not believe that it is all crime as there are too many people calling to kill whites.A lot of the home invasions, there isno robbery as nothing gets stolen, just murder and torture.Not all of us are racist leftwing, but we are all turning a bit racist because we are scared, and we hate what is happening to our once beautiful country.Us whites are being blamed by the masses for our thieving black govt.I believe that genocide is happening, but it is kept hidden as the ANC wants to appease the West and sponge of them.Thank God I am out the country.Not all blacks are thieves and not all whites are racist.

Bolander wrote:

What a load of poppycock.

The photos of the march are there for all to see. There were only a small number of policemen, and just over 100 protesters.
The march was orderly, with only minor incidents when leftist protesters wanted to intervene.
Fact is that this scares the ANC Sh*tles, since Sweden was once a major supporter of theirs.
What they don't tell the public is that there was also a protest at the SA Embassy in Moscow (!!!) of all places.
There are more marches planned in other major cities in the near future. THAT is what is worrying them.
They also do not tell the public that Genocidewatch have Souht Africa listed as risking Genocide with the victims listed as "Boers/Refugees" and the "Killers" (Yes that is what Genocide Watch call them) as "Black Racists.

The document named "Countries at Risk 2010 Genocide Watch April 2010" is available from the Genocide Watch website. That is not something made up by a "Far Right Racist" as some would want the public to believe. South Africa is currently listed as being in stage 5 of 7

Anonymous wrote:
It is good to hear others standing up for the plight of the South African minority, which is under constant aggression from majority groups. Continous verbal attacks by the ruling ANC party and their alliance partners must be brought to the human rights groups around the world.

Anonymous said...

Please note that there was also a similar protest in Russia.