Friday, 30 April 2010

[Video] David Duke: White Genocide in South Africa

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drdduke — April 29, 2010 —

Suitable for all viewers. This video concerns Genocide against the White farmers, Graphic scenes have been sanitized so it is no more graphic than a typical TV news broadcast.

How White people are facing an ongoing genocide in South Africa and the vital need for people all over the world to raise their voice to stop this Genocide.

The world was told that the White Government in South Africa was evil. Yet, the White people made a great nation and Black people thrived and prospered there. Far from genocide, Blacks came from all over Africa to enjoy the prosperity, medical care, education, and relative freedom that the White people created there.

If the world could boycott South Africa for having separate racial development should it not boycott the South African Government for the genocide going on against White people in that country today.

Boycott the World Cup

Source:DrDuke Youtube channel

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