Friday, 28 May 2010

Afrikaner leader informs Swedish gov’t about Boer-genocide

By Adriana Stuijt of Censor Bugbear Reports.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Dr Dan Roodt, founder/president of the Pro-Afrikaans Action Group (PRAAG), who is touring European countries to raise awareness of the precarious position of the small Afrikaner minority in South Africa, reports that he was cordially received by the human-rights division of the Swedish Foreign Affairs Ministry and by senior members of various conservative groups, including the Swedish Defence Movement which last month had held a protest meeting against the Boer Genocide at the SA embassy in Stockholm.

Dr Dan Roodt writes: “PRAAG made so many new friends in Stockholm within just 24 hours that we nearly would have to appoint a full-time person to continue linking up with the organisations in that country. Our flash-visit to the Swedish capitol city started Tuesday-evening when we were welcomed after our flight from Frankfurt at the Arlanda airport by a member of the Swedish Defence movement. Wednesday we visited the offices of various newspapers, including Swedish radio and TV. Then we went to Stockholm’s city centre to meet a representative from the human-rights division of the Swedish foreign affairs ministry to inform them about the secret-genocie of the Afrikaners".

Video of Afrikaner genocide-victims who had sent hundreds of thousands of letters to Pres Jacob Zuma asking him for protection against the violent attacks targetting them.

“I handed a copy of my book in English, “The Scourge of the ANC", and a CD containing a TV-programme about the farm murders and the violence targetting us, to the Swedish ministry official. We were assured that the matter would "get attention at the highest level". She said “Sweden is a strong believer in the concept of equality" and that it’s clear at the moment that Afrikaners and other whites are being treated unequally before the law and by the State."

Picture left: Afrikaner exiles in London also demonstrated twice last month against the Boer Genocide outside the Houses of Parliament and against the SA Embassy.

"We were also assured that the Swedes would assist us in gathering evidence of the human-rights trangressions being committed against Afrikaners in order that this evidence be submitted to the international criminal court in The Hague."

“I also specifically referred to the case of one-year-old baby Marzanne Kruger who was recently beaten so badly in a racist attack by two blacks that she incurred brain-damage and was left blind. Also other recent incidents in which the SA Police in uniforms were shooting at our people, hijacked a vehicle and, in Ellisras, sexually molested Afrikaner women. These incidents were also brought to the attention of the Swedish government."

“Our visit to the Ministry took longer than expected and we had to move forward our appointments with the Swedish National Party and the Swedish Democratic Party. The very youthful politicians and activists of the Swedish National Party are activists who have already dedicated an entire edition of their party-publication to the Afrikaner cause, with articles about our history, the concentration camps, the Great Trek, the Voortrekker Monument, as well as the farm murders and the murder of Eugene Terre’Blanche. Clearly there is at the moment a strong awareness process among Swedish youth and we were astonished about the interest they displayed in our country, as well as the great many requests for more information.“

Young Swedes "ashamed of their country’s support of the ANC under the socialist regime of Olof Palme."

“Several Swedes told us that they "were ashamed of their country’s history with the socialist-regime of Olof Palme’s support of the African National Congress and its terror against South Africa." The young people in the Swedish Defence Movement and the Swedish National Party also expressed strong feelings that they had a moral responsibility to support and stand by the Afrikaners in their present battle for survival.

"Many knew of the Scandinavian commandos who fought on Boer side against the British during our Second Freedom War, and during which a number of Swedish volunteers died in the famous battle of Magersfontein. The spontaneous expressions of solidarity and support even included offers to physically protest our people against attacks and the genocide which is threatening to take place against us. Interest in Afrikaans, Afrikaans literature and the history of the Afrikaner also was equally high and we found similarities in our languages,” he wrote.

Picture: Many Afrikaners also protested throughout South Africa this month in countrywide protest marches against police stations, where they handed in petitions demanding better SAPS protection.

2 million asylum-seekers are a problem for young Swedes:

Dan writes ”Because of Sweden’s liberal policies towards political asylum for people from war-areas such as Iraq, Somalia and various Africa-countries, some 1,5m to 2m foreigners already live in Sweden, amongst them about one-million people of colour. The young Swedish activists we spoke to also emphasised that their parents were "brainwashed to accept this situation" but that they considered the presence of so many foreign asylum-seekers as a serious infringements of their country, language, Swedish identity and heritage"

When Swedes become a minority in their own country...

“The horrors which Afrikaners now have to endure in South Africa, are awaiting us when we become a minority in our own country, we were told. That’s why we emphasise with the suffering and the injustices which you (Afrikaners) have to endure.“

Dan Roodt writes that he celebrated his birthday on May 26 by having a "delicious meal in a Swedish restaurant with indigenous food. The entire menu was only in Swedish without a word of English of even French. All the dishes had Swedish names – an indication that the high level of pride in their language is a routine fact, and that the language-needs of the ever-present tourist are not placed above the language rights of the indigenous population."

Clearly this was a unique experience for the Afrikaner leader, who indeed like all Afrikaners, has always had to fight for the right to even speak his own language in his own country in public throughout his lifetime.

He writes that "until late Tuesday-night they discussed strategies – and amongst the decisions taken were that regular protest meetings would be held outside the South African embassy against the Afrikaner-Boer genocide; and pamphleteering on the streets to raise the awareness in Sweden of the hidden genocide currently being carried out against us. They also undertook to issue regular media statements in the local language to the news media to keep the South African crisis in the news. And in South Africa the PRAAG representatives undertook to contact the foreign correspondents of Swedish newspapers and keep them updated of events."

“Our target is to expand the present group of supporters for the Afrikaner struggle considerably, but to also show up the ANC as the "pole-cat" in the country which once upon a time, gave the ANC so much financial aid."

Sweden misled by the ANC’s and the SACP’s onesided information.

“As I stated to the Foreign Affairs Ministry representative: We feel strongly that Sweden has in the past been misled by the extremely one-sided information which was spread by the African National Congress and the SA Communist Party and which forced the Swedish government to act against the interests of the Afrikaners. Hopefully the same sense of fairness guiding the Swedes then will now work in our favour now that we Afrikaners have become the victims of the ANC’s ethnic-cleansing campaign, carried out under the guise of ‘crime'."

They are now in Brussels where Roodt had dinner with Jared Taylor, leader of American Renaissance, and with Filip de Winter, leader of the “Vlaams Belang’ party in Belgium. Roodt said that during a previous meeting with De Winter in 2006, he held the opinion that "South Africa belonged to the Afrikaner."

Dan said although after three days of constant campaigning the tiredness is setting in, "we will just have to disregard this because we are speaking with sympathetic, influential Westerners in the Flemish city of Antwerp next to talk to them about the Afrikaner’s precarious position in the land of his birth."

The peaceful "Stop Boer Genocide Protest" in Sweden took place immediately after the gruesome murder of AWB leader Eugene Terre'Blanche on his Ventersdorp farm. Youtube video: They burnt the new SA flag in front of the embassy.

Source: Censor Bugbear Reports

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