Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Carolina woman terrorised

2010-05-18 10:01
Buks Viljoen, Beeld

Nelspruit - A woman was wounded in the leg at the weekend on a farm outside Carolina, just over a month after her wooden house was set on fire on the same farm.

Cornelia de Wet, 32, was in one of the camps at about 12:30 on the farm Kwaggafontein when she heard a shot go off. She felt a burning pain in her leg and saw that her right calf was bleeding.

Her brother, Jan de Wet jnr, said they suspect she was wounded by a bullet which was shot from far away.

Cornelia was released from the provincial hospital in Carolina after being treated.

According to her brother, this is the fifth time since the fire on April 17 that criminals have targeted the farm.

She and her daughters, Cornelia, 11, and 2-year-old Joey, were sleeping in the wooden house on the night she was woken by the smell of smoke.

She couldn't open the door because someone had secured the latch from the outside with a piece of wire. When she put her arm through a window to try to open the door from the outside, shots were fired at her.

She used a CB radio to call her parents, Jan snr and Nelie de Wet, who live in the farmstead about 50m from her house, but the attackers opened fire on them as well.

A gunfight lasting nearly two hours followed, before more help arrived at the farm. Jan jnr said since the fire there have been several break-ins at the store rooms on the farm, and the vehicles on the farm were also recently vandalised.

"Someone wants to force us off our family farm, but we don't know who. Our farm is the only one in the whole area which isn't the subject of a land claim."

According to him, the police are refusing to investigate.

Police spokesperson Isaac Aphane confirmed on Monday that they are aware of the incident. "We did go to the farm, but we didn't register a complaint since she doesn't know who injured her."


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