Sunday, 23 May 2010

Safety is an illusion

by Peter
2010-05-21 11:30

Safety - the word on everyone’s lips is but an illusion when we run and hide from our responsibilities for our own safety.

We think cameras, armed guards, pieces of paper, laws and police are there to protect us from predators who care nothing of any of these silly notions of safety.

We assure ourselves that our responsibility is removed by listening to the seriously unhinged social engineers demented advice of bargain with criminals; we must understand that they are decent honourable human beings who have lives more valuable than our own.

Those violent criminals who choose to prey on the defenceless, the aged and infirm are somehow worthy of sympathy, understanding and protection from harm from victims. Who want to reward criminals who murder, rape and rob by advising victims to give all to criminals in the vain hope that uncaring gratuitously violent predators may spare their lives if they beg in the right way.

We must give up our guns because they may harm us because we don’t have the intelligence, skills or training to use them but criminals who have no skills or training can use them very effectively to kill, rape and rob us.

We introduce laws to protect criminals by disarming victims. We remove law-abiding citizens’ best means of defence so criminals can ply their trade with little risk of harm. We rely on the most stupid of all, gun free signs and zones and think criminals will take note and abide.

We install cameras driving crime to other areas and other people forcing the installation of even more cameras until the whole country is covered in a mass of cameras and still crime will continue unabated.

Self-defence is the responsibility of every citizen. Until we understand that the police, anti-social pro-criminal radicals or government cannot be allowed under any circumstances or in any way to interfere with our right and responsibility to defend property or ourselves crime will always be a major problem.

Citizens have every right to subcontract their safety to such ineffective interventions and agencies but must also face the consequences of this choice and take the full responsibility for their own decisions.


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